Green Spa Network Awards KYPRIS Beauty As Green Company Of The Year!

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The leader in all natural luxury skincare, KYPRIS Beauty is honored to be selected as the Green Company of the Year by Green Spa Network. With more than 100,000 known and unknown chemicals in the consumer market, many of which are used in health and beauty products, KYPRIS offers relief. The line, at present, consists of six items: three customizing Serums and three multi-active, moisturizing Beauty Elixirs. The natural cycles of the body and lifestyle affect the skin differently each day. KYPRIS supports clients to better connect with their exquisite, individual Beauty and to customize care to their unique daily needs. Each KYPRIS piece may be used individually or for best results in combination.

KYPRIS products are GOLD Certified by Green America, California Prop 65 compliant, registered with the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Asia (LOHASIA) community, and of course a member of the Green Spa Network of which founder, Chase Polan, sits on the Personal Care Committee. In addition, Kaneka, the only domestic manufacturer of CoQ10, certifies all three Beauty Elixirs.

The products themselves are not only formulated with high concentrations of natural actives, they are formulated as tinctures so skin does not become unresponsive to the product. “KYPRIS is about supporting and nourishing skin’s natural processes, so we made sure to formulate the products in a way that promotes continued results and Beauty,” Polan says.


With more than 100,000 industrial chemicals in the consumer market, KYPRIS offers relief and divinely natural results. KYPRIS is a luxurious line of holistic, high-performance skin care boasting organic, wild crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals for gorgeous skin and an ecstatic experience of your unique Beauty.

All formulations are 100% natural and nature-derived, scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts, packaged in glass, and never tested on animals. KYPRIS delivers a plethora of nourishing phytonutrients and the best of green science for luminous, petal-soft skin to enhance the luscious experience of being You.

Beauty with a Soul supported by Science.

About Green Spa Network:

Green Spa Network is a community of people who are leading the way to transform the spa industry to be more efficient, sustainable, and earth-friendly. Our work goes beyond the direct impact we individually and collectively as spas make on our natural environment — we are environmental ambassadors and spokespeople to the millions of spa visitors we come into contact with every year.
We are passionate about finding ways for Spas to become places where the journey to personal wellness is unified with the journey to planetary wellness. By sharing knowledge and resources, our grassroots movement both strengthens our individual businesses and creates lasting environmental impact through our industry.

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