Ortho Molecular Products Partners with SophytoPRO, Functional Skincare Pioneer

Chicago, Ill., (February 7, 2014) — Ortho Molecular Products is partnering with SophytoPRO®, to offer an exclusive line of functional skincare products to be distributed exclusively by healthcare professionals. The company recently announced the launch of two skin care systems.

“The cosmetic industry has a reputation of using synthetic chemicals, gluten and hormone disruptors in products.  The average American is exposed daily to 126 unique chemicals in their personal care products,” said Karen Sinclair Drake, VP of Communications for SophytoPRO. “That represents a significant health concern.  Our mission is to offer functional, whole-food based products that actively transform the skin. Every formula is infused with organic bio-actives that feed the skin and naturally reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

The skin is the body’s largest organ and hidden toxins from cosmetics have become a real concern for clinicians.  SophytoPRO® is passionate about reducing chemical exposure and their products have the rigorous science we demand,” said Dan Rabish, Director of Business Development.   “Our unique partnership unites the best of nutritional supplementation with all natural, organic skin care products to help patients achieve health and beauty both inside and out.”

When asked about the innovative partnership, Aaron Bartz, President of Ortho Molecular Products commented “SophytoPRO® is a respected leader in the cosmetic industry and we are excited to partner with them.  While it may seem unconventional on the surface, our partnership with SophytoPRO helps us fulfill our goal of providing doctors with unique solutions to address the lifestyle challenges patients face every day.” 

About Ortho Molecular Products

Ortho Molecular Products, Inc. has been manufacturing dietary supplements with unsurpassed efficacy for 25 years.  An indispensable partner to health care professionals, Ortho Molecular Products is an innovation leader, having developed products such as Natural D-Hist, Ortho Biotic and Orthomega.  Deeply committed to their long-standing pledge to honor the doctor-patient relationship, Ortho Molecular Products believes evidence-based, lifestyle and nutritional therapies will transform the practice of medicine.  To that end, Ortho Molecular Products is dedicated to creating innovative clinical models to help healthcare professionals implement lifestyle medicine into their clinical practice.

About SophytoPRO®

SophytoPRO® innovate solutions for an ever-increasing market demand for natural products that meet consumers’ expectations concerning naturalness and safety. Backed by their expertise and partnerships in researching plant-based actives and formulating products based on natural ingredients, the innovations they develop offer effective, natural alternatives to the synthetic substances commonly used.  SophytoPRO® research and development in accordance with strict European Cosmetic Directive Standards and their organic botanical extracts are grown on a 200-acre farm in Herefordshire, England, which has twice won The Silver Lapwing Award, the UK’s leading environmental and farming award. The brand supports organizations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Fair Trade.


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