SFI® Health Introduces EQUAZEN® PRO: a Medical Food to Support Learning, Concentration, and Brain Development in Children and Adolescents with ADHD†

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SFI® Health Introduces EQUAZEN® PRO: a Medical Food to Support Learning, Concentration, and Brain Development in Children and Adolescents with ADHD

RENO, Nev., December 7, 2020 – Today, Soho Flordis International (SFI® Health)—a leading provider of premium, evidence-based nutraceuticals and the home of Klaire Labs®—announced the U.S. launch of EQUAZEN® PRO, a medical food specifically designed to nutritionally support children and adolescents with ADHD whose polyunsaturated fatty acid deficiencies cannot be rebalanced through the modification of normal diet alone. 

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological condition that affects nearly 6.1 million children in the U.S. alone. It is traditionally managed with pharmacotherapy, behavioral therapy, or a combination of the two. However, up to 30% of individuals do not respond to stimulant medications, and there are concerns and controversies surrounding the side effects and long-term safety of such drugs.

Within the context of these concerns, as well as the growing prevalence of ADHD, Equazen Pro—supported by over 15 years of ongoing clinical research—represents innovative nutritional support, both alone and in combination with traditional ADHD therapies.

“Parents and practitioners alike are seeking cognitive health solutions for children that are not only effective but also safe to use over the long term,” said Divya Ramakrishnan, GM, SFI Health Americas. “Equazen Pro has been studied in 19 clinical trials, including trials where it showed significant improvements in children’s attention control, vocabulary, memory, inattentive behavior, balanced mood, and academic performance, while also demonstrating a high safety profile.”

Both the development and the beneficial outcomes of Equazen Pro are directly tied to emerging research that demonstrates a connection between ADHD and long-chain omega fatty acid metabolism. Many individuals with ADHD have substantial deficiencies of essential fatty acids, as well as marked omega-3/omega-6 ratio imbalances. Such deficiencies, which are linked to genetic differences found in those with ADHD, are thought to negatively affect key brain functions and inflammatory pathways in the brain.

By combining higher amounts of EPA with DHA, and an optimal balance of GLA, Equazen Pro helps the body to overcome those unique genetic differences, supplying essential omega fatty acids in forms directly usable by the body to promote healthy fatty acid balance and, thus, healthy cognitive and neurological functions.

The Equazen Pro formulation originated in the UK over 20 years ago, with focused efforts to address lipid deficiencies linked to learning conditions. This innovative product was also subject to a robust clinical development program that validated its unique formulation. In 2015, the Equazen portfolio of products was purchased by SFI Health and is now distributed in 26 countries worldwide. With this new launch—which is defined by our commitment to supporting children and adolescents with ADHD around the globe—Equazen Pro is now available to U.S. healthcare practitioners and their patients as a medical food.

Equazen Pro is a medical food designed to address omega fatty acid metabolic differences in children and adolescents with ADHD, supplying the clinically tested ratio EPA:DHA:GLA=9:3:1 to promote healthy fatty acid metabolism and balanced omega fatty acid levels.

EQUAZEN® PRO is a medical food to support learning, concentration, and brain development in children/adolescents with ADHD who have been determined by medical evaluation to require nutritional management of polyunsaturated fatty acid deficiencies that cannot be achieved by modification of normal diet alone.


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