Anti-inflammatory Drugs for Pediatric Patients

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In Brazil and other developing countries, the regulation of prescriptions is not ideal. This study narrowed its focus to look at pediatric medications in Brazil over a period of nine months. In addition, they interviewed caregivers that were responsible for those prescriptions.

Of the 150 pediatric patients taking 506 drugs, 85.2 percent were prescribed. However, according to the study, caregivers of 58 children reported that they were also using other medications, of which 75 (14.8%) were not included in the analyzed prescription and were, therefore, the result of other prescriptions or self-medication.

The children were prescribed analgesic, antipyretic, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Of the 211 reported clinical indications, 56 (26.5%) had no evidence of benefit according to the best available scientific evidence and 66 (31.3%) had indications not approved by the regulatory agencies.

The bottom line is there is are significant discrepancies between clinical practice and recommended use of these pediatric drugs. Check the full study for more information.

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