Diagnostic Test With 100% Accuracy For Alzheimer’s

A new diagnostic screening tool for Alzheimer’s has been discovered at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, in New Jersey.

Alzheimer’s is a progressively worsening disease where early detection of symptoms is key, in order to commence treatment. Early treatment can help to delay and slow the progression of this disease. Alzheimer’s disease has always needed to be confirmed with an autopsy after a patient is deceased. Now researchers have developed a diagnostic test that has shown to be 100 percent effective at detecting Alzheimer’s.

Scientists have put together a set of 50 biomarkers that can be tested through blood analysis. These biomarkers are specific for all forms of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers recruited 236 subjects with cognitive impairment to test this technology. The diagnostic test was able to identify those with or without Alzheimer’s in all cases with no error. It was also able to distinguish differences between early and advanced Alzheimer’s with 98.7 percent accuracy.

These findings provide new hope for possible Alzheimer’s patients. It can be used to help with early detection and treatment. It will also serve as a tool to be able to rule out any conditions that may be mistaken for Alzheimer’s, improving overall care with cognitive impairment.

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New Test Diagnoses Alzheimer’s with 100% Accuracy


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