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FNM Project Update

The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM) textbook unveiled a color timeline illustrating the history of the naturopathic medicine profession and its formation at the May Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention (NWNPC) in Portland.

The timeline effort is led by FNM co-authors Steven Bailey, ND; Jared Skowron, ND; Craig Fasullo, ND, LAc; and Mitchell Bebel Stargrove, ND, LAc with gifts of space, registrations and graphics from the NWNPC and ongoing sponsorship from NWNPC, AANP, and Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND). The final timeline and associated two chapters (one led by Bailey and one by Skowron) will be reviewed prior to publication by the profession’s agencies and boards, published in the FNM textbook, and its use shared by NWNPC, AANP and CAND.

The 32-foot timeline welcomed the attention of many respected naturopathic medicine elders who contributed information and shared stories about historically and strategically important people and events. Developed as part of the history chapter of the FNM educational and collaboration project and sponsored by the NWNPC, AANP, and CAND, this timeline is truly a community celebration, a collaborative work in progress and a collective remembering. It will be updated and will make another appearance at the AANP convention in August.

There are plans to make the current timeline and future versions available to the colleges and upcoming conventions. Stop by the timeline at the AANP convention and contribute what you know to the history of our dynamic profession.

The team thanks the many members of the naturopathic community, its agencies, colleges, faculty, students, physicians and friends who submitted material to us to develop the timeline.

Additional information can be sent to Mitch Stargrove, mbstargrove@medicineworks.com. Special thanks to Iva Lloyd, ND for many citations from The History of Naturopathic Medicine: a Canadian Perspective, and to Friedhelm Kirchfeld and Wade Boyle, ND (in memoriam) for important citations from Nature Cure; and to the many institutions, organizations, sponsors and friends who have made this work possible.

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