Nigella Seed Improves Male Fertility

 In Naturopathic News

TABRIZ, Iran – Damage to human sperm can occur with an increase of free radicals, but components of the medicinal herb Nigella sativa have shown to improve spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis.

Scientists at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Iran conducted a systemic review of the effects of NS on male fertility. Their findings were published online March 28 in the Journal of Herbal Medicine.

As a method they searched electronic databases between 2000 and 2014.

The conclusion is NS can positively influence sperm parameters, semen, Leydig cells, reproductive organs and sexual hormones.

The main component leading to improvement in these areas appears to be the antioxidant properties of NS, which are thymoquinone and unsaturated fatty acids.

Researchers suggest more clinical trials be conducted to test the theory that NS is a good candidate for male infertility treatments.

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