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Kypris Skin Care Launches Retail Opportunity to Naturopathic Practices

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Affordable line supports epithelium barrier function with spa-quality, professional-grade formulation  

In response to demand for complementary skin care products that support naturopathic principles and provide additional revenue potential, Kypris Beauty founder, Chase Polan, announces that her Kypris line is now available at wholesale to Naturopathic Physicians for retail to patients. The line, featuring 9 skin care products that retail individually for less than $30, is formulated from herbs, extracts and minerals without sulfates, sulfate substitutes, parabens, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycols, fillers, animal products or petroleum derivatives. Bottled in aesthetically pleasing cobalt blue glass, the products’ preservative systems are constructed from extracts and essential oils and are manufactured in an ECOCERT / USDA Organic certified facility. With no minimum order requirement, the Kypris line is available to Naturopathic practices of any size. Polan provides doctors and staff with extensive training and on-going consultation, in order to maximize product knowledge and ultimately retail potential. The products can be sold individually and/or marketed in packaged suites that allow patients to create their own unique personal skin care routine.

Initial roll out of the Kypris line to Naturopaths has shown positive results. Dr. Stephanie Gajus, NMD, has tested the appeal and retail viability of the Kypris line at her Scottsdale, AZ practice, choosing to carry it on the basis of quality, efficacy and affordability. States Gajus, “Desquamation of the epithelium as a protective mechanism is dependent upon the health of our internal environment, but equally so, what we expose this organ to externally and what may be absorbed plays just as crucial of a role.” Dr. Gajus says her patients have responded favorably to the line, adding, “Even my chemically sensitive patients are able to utilize Kypris without irritation, and although each product is under $30, no sacrifices have been made on the luxurious experience that consumers demand out of a skin care line.”  Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Tricia Pingel, selected the line for her merchandising program because “Kypris is light, organic and assists the skin cells in regeneration and hydration, without the additional burden of heavy chemicals,” notes Dr. Pingel.

As a naturopathic patient herself, Polan recognized a void in the market for skin care that was refined, affordable, and in line with the healing and intelligent powers of nature. She developed Kypris from her unique entrepreneurial perspective on the beauty industry as an actress and former model, as well as her desire to develop botanical skin care that promotes healthy beauty from within, by way of organic, wild-crafted, sustainably grown ingredients from land and sea. Leaning on her background in math, art history, and pre-med studies at Barnard College of Columbia University, Ms. Polan also completed cosmetic chemistry training in natural formulations while developing the products that comprise the Kypris line. Adamantly opposed to animal testing, Polan used her prototypes extensively on herself, as well as receiving feedback from her inner circle of family and friends. “In the end, I am my most discerning customer,” she admits, “and I refused to launch this line until I was confident that Kypris would provide the harmonious qualities of a natural product, without sacrificing texture, feel and wear – yet still be affordable for the average woman.” Once satisfied with the product’s offering, Polan looked to Greek history for inspiration in naming the line. “Legend tells us that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, rose from the ocean’s foamy waters off the coast of Cyprus, inspiring the islanders to name her Kypris,” she says. “The connection between the story’s implication that Aphrodite’s supernatural beauty was derived from the land, and my line’s formulation was abundantly clear to me,” says Polan, “just like Kypris, we are women of this earth, and our health depends upon hers.”

Naturopaths interested in carrying the Kypris line should contact Polan directly for details. “The prevention of disease and the attainment of optimal health is one of the primary objectives of naturopathic medicine,” says Polan, “which is why I’ve chosen to market the product to these particular health care providers. It’s just a natural fit.” For additional information, visit, or contact Chase Polan at and/or (310) 927-3645.


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