Vital Burnout – A Call to Give Agency to the Vis

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Naturopathic Perspective

Alexia Georgousis, ND

Burnout is becoming more and more prevalent in our community and the healthcare profession at large. According to the Ottawa Citizen, “In Canada, approximately 46% of all doctors are affected by moderate to severe burnout.”1 This rate is likely very similar to that within the naturopathic community. You only need ask yourself how many naturopathic physicians you know are either currently experiencing symptoms of burnout or have actually burned out?

Is it possible, however, that burnout is much more than a state of collapse? As naturopathic physicians, we know that any “dis-ease” is indicative of a misalignment of one’s vitality – the vital force. We treat the person, not the label. So it is not a coincidence that the ICD definition of “Burn-out” (ICD Z73.0) includes the word “vital”: A state of vital exhaustion.2 There it is, right there in black and white – “vital” is connected to “burnout.”

Symptom vs Condition

This merits further exploration as to root cause. After all, we are proponents of the vital force, and as Dr Benedict Lust has stated, “Naturopathy, with all its various methods of treatments, has always one end in view and one only: to increase the vital force.”3

  • Vital: Of utmost importance, Characteristic of life, Source of life 4,5
  • Vitality: Energy, Spirit, Passion, Dynamism, Verve 6
  • Vital Force: Innate wisdom, Divine intelligence3
  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae: Healing Power of Nature; also known as God, Spirit, Universe, Allah, One, Buddha, Krishna, Great Mystery, Source, Love, etc3

Given this connection between Vital and Burnout, could Burnout actually be a symptom versus a condition? Viewing Burnout as a symptom of the Vis awakening (rather than a condition) creates a paradigm shift. Burnout becomes an incredibly purposeful and empowering experience intended to evolve our consciousness, as opposed to being a condition associated with disempowering terminology, such as nervous breakdown or collapse. The latter terms may well even contribute to feelings of shame, guilt, and victimization. Instead, we have the opportunity to embrace our spiritual expansion so that we may serve humanity for whatever is to come.

Choose the more empowering view:

Break Open Break Down
“Come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure.”7 “Reduce, collapse, destroy, demolish.”7

Further expansion of the words within the definition of Burnout (a state of vital exhaustion):

State Vital Exhaustion
Existence/Being Spirit/Vis Depleted/Weary

Thus, consider instead a naturopathic definition of Burnout as: Spiritual Existence Depletion. There are many ways to interpret or arrange these words, but, ultimately, the essence remains the same. The cause of Burnout is rooted in the Spiritual realm – in what makes us Vital. It is a misalignment of our vitality, the Vis within us. As a reminder of the connection between spirituality and naturopathy, Dr Benedict Lust said, “Naturopathy comes from the heart of nature through the heart of (hu)man to the heart of God.”3

A Different Approach to Burnout

How would our approach to Burnout change if we looked at it as symptom of conscious evolution instead of a “syndrome of psychological distress?”8 Consider Wayne Dyer’s famous quote: “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

From the comparison chart below, choose the more empowering view:

Approach Conventional (general) Naturopathic
Where to Start? Acknowledge and get help Acknowledge and get help
Root Cause External factors &/or

personal disposition

Vis is awakening within you

Your Spiritual Self is evolving


External factors &/or personal disposition serve as guides and mirrors, to show you where you are misaligned

Perspective Happens TO YOU

·         You are separate from Oneness

·         You are breaking down

·         You are shrinking

Happens FOR YOU

·         You are part of Oneness

·         You are breaking open

·         You are expanding

Treatment Approach Treat the Symptoms







Change/shift external factors from a place of blame or victimization

· Learn to manage internal responses

Treat the Root Cause

·         Consciousness Evolution: Shed unhealthy ego identities and patterns; strengthen and cleanse your energetic spiritual field


Change/shift external factors from a place of self responsibility and empowerment

· Giving agency to the Vis within allows you to shift internal responses

Intention/Goal Get back to how you were

Manage stress

Become wiser and more whole

Allow a shift in consciousness

Cultural & Personal View Shame, fear, inadequacy, grief

· Stigma; don’t talk about it

Renewal, Re-Alignment, Growth

· Share your wisdom and experience with others

Conscious Evolution

What better way for the Vis to wake us up as a collective than to shatter our sense of identity and make us question, re-evaluate and re-align ourselves with our essence? By choosing to approach Burnout as a process of spiritual evolvement rather than a collapse, we embrace our conscious evolution.

The Vis is speaking – are YOU listening?


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Alexia Georgousis, ND, practices in Toronto, Ontario. She is committed to whole-person health and has a special interest in spirituality and health. Alexia has trained as an Applied Mindfulness Meditation specialist and she incorporates various forms of Vis connection practices in her work with clients. She is also a faculty member at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine.

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