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Professional Education in Breastfeeding and Lactation

February 11, 2011 - February 13, 2011

Professional Education in Breastfeeding and Lactation is a 6-day course.
Topics include:

  • Effective breastfeeding promotion
  • Prenatal breast assessment
  • Cultural influences on infant feeding choices
  • Importance of breastfeeding for the teenager
  • Getting breastfeeding started with evidence-based care
  • Why midwifery care makes sense for good breastfeeding outcomes
  • The effects of hospital routines on early breastfeeding
  • Predictable newborn behaviors
  • Importance of positioning and latch in early breastfeeding
  • Assessment of newborn latch and suck
  • Supplements for breastfed babies – when are they needed?
  • Influence of commercial baby food industries
  • Understanding the letters: IBCLC, IBLCE, ILCA
  • Maternal nutrition
  • Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Breastfeeding challenges and problems – engorgement, sore nipples
  • How we communicate with breastfeeding families
  • Communication skills – case studies
  • Liability and ethics about infant feeding
  • Maternal medications and breastfeeding
  • On-going breastfeeding problems – yeast, mastitis, abscess, plugged ducts
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Breastfeeding the premature infant
  • Relationships in the breastfeeding family
  • Culture and the conflict with human biology
  • Care of the slow to gain, poorly gaining infant
  • Relactation and nursing an adopted baby
  • The grief of a failed breastfeeding experience
  • Skills labs
  • The meaning of family-centered care
  • Setting up a lactation service
  • Postpartum depression and breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding and the working mother
  • The real meaning of “Baby Friendly”
  • Breastfeeding the older child
  • When breastfeeding ends

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February 11, 2011
February 13, 2011
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