Intro to Bio-Electric Chemistry: Can You Regulate the Vital Force? – Part 1

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Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh

At the recent Age Wise Conference at NCNM, I shared a discovery that not only transformed my naturopathic practice but also my whole concept of health. It started with a childhood curiosity to just understand how things worked, which eventually led to a fascination with health and ultimately graduation from NCNM. This led to the challenge of practicing in an unlicensed state for naturopathic medicine and trying to get the results I learned about in the history of our naturopathic roots. The problem was that what I learned in naturopathic and pharmacy training did not consistently result in “Nature Cure” of the dreaded diseases in life, but did show benefits in well-being and quality of life in almost all conditions. My success was found in the belief that Nature holds the truths, principles, and laws that govern all life – which can explain not only the point at which disease begins, but also guide us to the ideal potential in health restoration. This is how I see Bio-Electric Chemistry.

Nature & Energy

If you want to understand the universe, you must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

(Nicolas Tesla)

 It all starts with energy, the fabric of everything we understand. Newton’s Law of Thermodynamics shows that energy is neither created nor destroyed; rather, it changes form and exists like waves rolling off one another. The key understanding came with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, showing that energy and matter are the same thing as relative forms of heat and/or electricity.

While Einstein worked to dissect the atom, another mathematical genius worked to understand how the atom and life are put together. This genius, referred to as “Doc,” was Dr Carey Reams, and he proposed the Ream’s Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). The understanding of RBTI is where quantum energy calculations meet the purest form of naturopathic medicine; it is a system of analytically identifying the ideal personalized diet to maximize energy, knowing sources of energy inefficiency, and providing a supportive restoration approach through fasting, diet, and remineralization.

If you know the frequency, you know the diet.

(Carey Reams)

As I began to study the works of Dr Carey Reams, I was personally intrigued; looking at biological life in terms of energy and chemistry began to make more sense than anything I had ever studied. However, it also showed me how little we actually know. Dr Reams was ahead of his time with his study of agricultural science, biochemistry, and biophysics, as he applied practical experiments using mathematics and an oscilloscope to illustrate how all biological life – both plant and animal –exists and functions at its own basic unique electrochemical frequency. Dr Reams demonstrated mathematically that the functional foundation of nature is electromagnetic and that the chemistry of nature is secondary.


Figure 1. Dr Carey Reams (1903-1985)

The Genius of Reams

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.

(Albert Einstein)

The first story that showed me the genius of Dr Reams occurred when he was a student in college. He reportedly failed chemistry, as the professor accused him of cheating and using the answer key because his answers were “too precise.” Dr Reams approached the professor and showed him how he mathematically calculated the chemistry outcomes based on the atomic weights and the electron configurations of the variables and correctly answered every problem the professor presented to him. The professor argued that this was mathematically impossible, and still failed him. The next term, Dr Reams repeated the class, doing only what was asked of him, and got an A. With the extra time he had in the following term’s chemistry lab (as he already knew how to do all the experiments), Dr Reams began personal agricultural experiments to determine the electrical frequencies of various plants and animals. He later began to study how to maximize plant energy through soil mineralization, which led to what today is called “high brix” gardening. If Dr Reams was told the brix value of a fruit or vegetable (ie, its nutrient mineral density), he could accurately tell you the yield per acre of that food; Dr Reams’ reported yields of his high brix foods is rare in modern farming. Basically, Dr Reams dedicated 38 years of his life to determine the narrow parameters of how to grow plants at their maximal genetic and energy potential. He later discovered that these parameters and others were also applicable to animal and human health.

The last 2 key connection points between health and nature revealed by Dr Reams was that the brix values of our foods directly affect the quality of an animal or human’s digestive capability, and that digestive integrity is absolutely required to maintain the bio-electric body “on frequency” for ideal health. Additionally, as food ionic mineral energy moves into or out of a bio-electric system, that system can only maintain ideal electrochemical integrity if that mineral energy is at the proper frequency configuration. (Ie, according to Reams, “If you know the frequency, you know the diet.”) Although I have found no deeper-rooted naturopathic philosophy than this one connecting food quality and health, this is where it gets more difficult: Dr Reams only left us guidelines for foods and supplements specific for health concerns and energy patterns, and nobody reportedly can calculate the frequency like Reams did. So, what happened to Reams and where do we go from here?

Reams reported, “We tested over 24,000 people in 1970-1971. Over 10,000 of those came to us as “terminal.” We lost five. Those five we couldn’t keep alive for 30 days.” That’s a 99.97% success rate. His success led to persecution and prosecution for practicing medicine without a license after several FDA raids of his retreat centers; almost 50 years of accumulated research was also reportedly confiscated. So, this is the inspiration I needed to begin a practice that has changed my life.

The Basics

God is the basis of life, life is the basis of energy, energy is the basis of matter.

(Carey Reams)

In order to understand bio-electric chemistry and the anti-aging restorative potential contained within, you must start with basics. As a well-written article can inspire us to look further into a subject, the simple yet complex nature of these concepts will require readers to look further into Dr Reams’ work to begin to grasp the possibilities. Additionally, as I practice in a non-licensed state for naturopathic medicine, I must remind readers that these concepts are not meant to suggest the ability to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease, or to serve to criticize, slander, or discredit any currently held medical viewpoints or theories.

It all starts with knowing the ideal energy ratio and learning to understand what the variables represent when they are not ideal. Using simple urine and saliva testing to measure the variables, Dr Reams determined an energy equation for the line of least resistance of energy in humans; he reportedly never tested these variables mathematically to be false in his 50 years of research:

1.5brix 6.4urine pH/6.4saliva pH 6.5C (conductivity) 0.04M(cell debris) 3(nitrate nitrates)/3(ammonia nitrates) + CS (common sense)

As I discuss these variables, keep in mind that we are thinking in terms of energy and that any deviation of that variable from the ideal represents an energy loss. So, as you learn to understand the variables, you will begin to see a “picture” of health develop – variable patterns will occur with a predictable set of symptoms, and symptoms will coincide with where the energy loss maximally deviates from the ideal for any measurable variable.

Rules of Bio-Electric Chemistry

Basic bio-electric chemistry rules include the following:

  • Any energy movement toward ideal = improved energy
  • No analytical number is perfect unless all of the numbers are perfect
  • Depletion of energy reserves = first day of disease
  • “You must get more energy from your food than what you consume.” (Carey Reams)

These rules support the Total Load theory that I first heard at NCNM, where one’s body has a threshold of stress, and when surpassed, the weakest or most burdened system begins to present with symptoms. Bio-electric chemistry monitoring of the variables not only shows us which system is showing the most stress, but also guides us as to what minerals and vitamins are needed to move the frequency pattern toward ideal. Additionally, patterns and less-than-optimal variable measurements can show what set of symptoms the client is probably experiencing. It’s an incredible experience when you meet a client, only look at his numbers, and then sit down and tell him what symptoms the chemistry suggests, only to then confirm the symptoms by looking at his primary complaints and the in-awe look upon his face. As you learn to teach clients to live a lifestyle where they are constantly gaining energy and restoring energy reserves, clients begin to experience health restoration and increased tolerance of known body stressors. Many can attest to the vast list of positive effects of avoiding food sensitivities, or negative-energy foods from a bio-electric point of view. Imagine knowing which foods will always cause energy loss (eg, pork, shellfish, tuna) vs which foods will specifically benefit your client’s energy needs.

Before I elucidate on the use of these techniques, I must caution the reader to not do chemistry experiments on your clients. If you are interested in learning more about RBTI and bio-electric chemistry, learn your own patterns and what influences them first, then begin to observe client patterns and notice how the symptoms they present with correlate with the number patterns. As you learn to recognize these patterns as energy moving in and out of the body, you will begin to see a “picture” of what is occurring and realize what needs to occur in order to achieve restoration. This is when you really start to learn what effects the naturopathic tools you learned have on the overall energy effects of the body. You will also begin to recognize when the body chemistry moves into a “detox” pattern, and to know when detox stimulation with far-infrared sauna, colon hydrotherapy, or added support will be beneficial. Conversely, you will recognize when the chemistry pattern will not support detox stimulation, and thus minimize the potential of harmful outcomes with toxin mobilization in a client who can’t handle it. How many of you have suggested a “detox” protocol, only to have a client notify you that she went to an emergency room with intolerable symptoms of pain, nervousness, headaches, heart stress, etc?

This approach to health all begins with analysis. Next month, in Part 2 of this article, I will elucidate on the needed equipment, and explain the variables that create a picture of how to monitor energy efficiency and understand your client’s symptoms in relation to changes in chemistry. I believe this information can transform your practice, results, and life, as it certainly has mine.

misakDarrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh, is a 2000 NCNM graduate, a licensed pharmacist, and a father of 5 healthy children. After receiving his BSc degree in Pharmacy in 1992, he gained 3 ½ years of university hospital pharmacy experience at Duke University Medical Center, and during his NCNM studies gained over 4 years of compounding pharmacy experience. Since moving to the Pittsburgh area, he has delivered regular lectures and hosts a bimonthly radio program, “A Natural Connection,” where he teaches the concepts of bio-electric chemistry. Dr Misak owns and operates Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc, where his focus is on health analysis and how to support optimal energy formation that results in natural health restoration.

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