Air Pollution Can Lead To Increased Mortality

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A new study has demonstrated that increases in air pollution can be linked to increases in mortality rates.

A longitudinal study, following 66,820 participants aged 65 and older, was conducted in Hong Kong. The participants were followed for roughly 10 to 13 years, and identification numbers were used to track mortality rates, along with cause of mortality. Hourly monitoring at air sampling stations was used in order to document pollution, in regards to particle matter data, in residential areas around the city.

Results showed that mortality rates increased with long-term, and increased exposure to pollution. There was an increased risk of breast cancer mortality, genital cancer, upper digestive tract cancer, and accessory digestive organ cancers, with increasing levels of particle matter.

This study emphasizes the mortality risk increases with pollution, and it does so in a dose-response relationship. More procedures need to be in place in order to reduce pollution levels, especially in residential areas, in order to reduce mortality risk.

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