CT Scans Revealing Acupuncture Points

 In Naturopathic News

Research can now show through the use of computerized tomography (CT) scans with phase contrast imaging that there is differences seen at acupuncture point locations. When CT scans were analyzed it showed that there are definite areas of distinction related to point locations. These distinct areas have a higher density of microvessels and also contain a larger amount of microvascular structures, where as the areas not associated with acupuncture points lacked these findings.

These acupuncture points could be identified in this way due to this improved 3-dimentional imaging with new CT scan technology. They were also able to determine the size of the acupuncture point based on the diameter of the microvascular structures. Other imaging techniques have shown similar findings in the past, and so yet again, technology is uncovering some of the science between this ancient medicine.


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