Eczema can have many effects on patients’ health

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According to a study out of the American Academy of Dermatology, when a patient is diagnosed with eczema, the diagnosis of another medical condition may not be far behind. According to the researchers, eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is characterized by dry, red patches of skin accompanied by intense itchiness. Although this disease is most often diagnosed in infancy and early childhood, it may continue or first emerge later in life for some patients.

“Although it affects the skin, eczema is not just skin-deep,” said one researcher. “This disease can have a serious impact on patients’ quality of life and overall health, both physically and mentally.”

According to the researcher, this disease can increase patients’ risk of developing allergic disorders like asthma, hay fever and food allergy, as well as other health conditions like obesity and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, these patients have an increased risk for multiple types of infection including impetigo, which causes red sores on the face, and cellulitis, a potentially serious condition characterized by redness, swelling, warmth, and pain or tenderness. This happens because the disease compromises the skin barrier.

Another issue associated with atopic dermatitis is the mental health aspect as anxiety and depression can occur in association with eczema. Some also have sleep disturbance.

The researcher added, “Atopic dermatitis can be extremely frustrating for patients, but there are effective treatments available, as well as several new treatment options in development that look very promising.”

So be aware of the broad impact of eczema.

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