Establishing Integrative Medicine as a Formal Medical Specialty

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Weil’s Arizona Center to Lead Campaign to Establish Integrative Medicine as a Formal Medical Specialty
Center in “strategic change” has significant ABIHM support

Should “integrative medicine” be a movement to transform all of medicine? Or should it be an effort to create a new medical specialty?

This month, the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine announced a “strategic change in direction.” The Center has engaged a dialogue with the American Board of Physician Specialties to create a new, recognized American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABIM). Notably, key leaders of the existing board that certifies holistic/integrative doctors, the ABIHM, are integrated into the Arizona Center’s effort.

This Integrator Special Report includes:

  • Announcement from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.
  • List of the founding board members of the American Board of Integrative Medicine.
  • Statement from ABIHM board members Victor Sierpina, MD and David Rakel, MD.
  • Brief interview with ACIM’s Maizes.
  • Brief comments and questions.

This is a big moment in the development of integrative medicine, for integrative health care and particularly for integrative medical doctors. Involved are strategic positioning, public health considerations, access to recognition, guild protection, opening of new opportunities and closing of others. Take a look. Send any comments or reflections to[email protected] for inclusion in a future Integrator Forum.


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