Unlimited Opportunity for Modern Naturopaths in the Digital World

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Revive NYC: Live from University of Bridgeport

Last week, Revive NYC had the opportunity to come back and teach the Practice Management class for 3rd and 4th year naturopathic students at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

James Maskell: Unlimited Opportunity for Modern Naturopaths in the Digital World

Audio Outline
This class is typically taught by Dr. Mikyle Byrd, and she provided the introduction. The lecture was an hour, followed by question and answer.

Topics Covered

· The unlimited nature of the opportunity for modern naturopaths in the digital world

· The lessons Massage Envy can teach every naturopath

· The leading social media tools including Google+, Pinterest and advanced Facebook

· 3 ways to move towards a more successful career path: 3 incredible Seth Godin books translated for the naturopathic market


· The importance of niche

· Best practices for developing a following

· Innovative content delivery

Poking the Box

· The importance of taking initiative

· The person that fails most, wins

· Innovation and authenticity, a perfect combination


· Becoming indispensible in every situation

· How learning comes from doing

· Becoming a problem solver

· The importance of NDs thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs

· Why lead generation is the key skill for career development.

· Social coupons and lead generation

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