Vital News for Washington NDs Call for Articles, Fall 2013

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We invite you to submit articles for the Fall 2013 issue of Vital News for Washington NDs due out at the end of April! If you have something you wish to share, the deadline for submission is October 1st, though we welcome your submission any time before then.

Almost anything that you think your colleagues would be interested in!
Research papers
Practice management topics
Travel or volunteer experiences
Book or course reviews
Professional announcements
Classified ads and job postings

We also welcome ‘Letters to the Editor’ if you’d like to comment on something we’ve previously published, or ‘Guest Commentaries’ if there is an issue or topic that you have an opinion about that you’d like to share. Have a question about practice in Washington or the activities of the WANP? You’re probably not alone. Send it in and we’ll do our best to get an answer and publish it in this next issue for the benefit of all.

We do exclude proprietary or advertising-oriented, promotional articles, but if you are unsure contact us for clarification.

Guidelines for Articles:
Full length articles are between 1,000 – and 1,500 words, though this can vary and we include shorter and longer pieces on occasion. In general, it’s best to use short sentences, and short paragraphs when writing for the web. Reading is easier and it will keep your reader engaged.

Not a regular author? Don’t worry we’ve got a good editor and are glad to work with you as needed to make sure your message is clear and easy to read.

Please submit articles to: [email protected] (Remember, our deadline is October 1st!)

Thanks very much!

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