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how does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

Heron Botanicals grew organically out of the practice of Silena Heron, ND. Our company=92s culture is one that matches the naturopathic principles of docere, addressing the whole being (the Earth in our case), and primum non nocere. One of our core missions is educating naturopathic physicians and herbalists about local herbal solutions for their patients, beyond the latest fads or big sellers. We promote a broad materia medica and strive to reinvigorate the practice of herbal medicine in North America. We work to be sustainable with our growers and on our own farm in Oregon where we practice wild gardening; looking at our impact on the planet and not just making a quick buck. And by promoting and providing safer herbal choices we help many people who would have otherwise been treated needlessly with drugs and surgery. We desire to see naturopathic medicine licensed in all 50 states and support licensing efforts or licensing maintenance in multiple states with regular donations including Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Montana, and Minnesota. Our ethos is essentially to potentiate the traditional herbal heart of naturopathic medicine.

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