5 Keys to a Profitable Practice

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Free Video Presentation: Turn Your Patients Into Raving Fans©


Turn Your Patients Into Raving Fans ©

How to create the referral practice you deserve !

If every patient told their friends and family about your practice, imagine the impact on your bottom line! Ann Phillips, one of the most sought-after speakers with the famed Ken Blanchard Companies, will show you how to transform your patients into a personal PR squad. Her unique energy and enthusiasm will fire you up and inspire you to create the referral practice of your dreams. Clients of The Ken Blanchard Companies include Pfizer, Merck & Co., Nissan Motor Co., the San Diego Padres and Adidas.

Ann Phillips – The Ken Blanchard Companies

The 5 Keys to a Profitable Practice conference in April was a huge success! If you were there, you undoubtedly took home more information and management strategies than you ever expected!

NDNR is offering a 4-DVD set of the Conference. Now you can experience it in the comfort of your home or office.

Each CD features one of the speakers from the Conference, including:

Grow a Profitable Practice in Any Economy

Proven strategies that help you survive and thrive

Judy Capko, author of the runaway bestseller Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, shares her innovative, no-nonsense approach to building patient-centered strategies and valuing the contributions of your staff. With her 20-plus years in the trenches advising physicians on best practices, she is uniquely positioned to show you how successful practices survive and thrive during challenging economic times. Judy will help you gain a new vision for your practice that will inspire you and everyone on your team.

Judy Capko – Author, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices

Charge What Your Services are Worth

How to remove any conflict between money and healing

Knowing your own worth is the first step toward sustaining a profitable practice. Because healers don’t often make the best accountants, Ofer Zur, PhD, uses his expertise as a licensed psychologist, instructor and ethics consultant to show you that by operating at maximum profitability your practice not only sustains you and your staff, but gives your patients the stability of excellent care. Zur has been in practice outside managed care for 20 years and is director of the Zur Institute, LLC, in Sonoma, California.

Ofer Zur, PhD – Zur Institute, LLC

Capitalize On Your Unique Education

How to position yourself as an expert in your field

As the world takes baby steps toward going green, interest in naturopathic medicine is on the rise. In a media-rich society like ours what do people want most? An expert on the unfamiliar to help them understand it. Dr. Michael Smith, a naturopathic physician, founder of Carolinas Natural Health Center and president of the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians, established Naturopathic Health Systems, LLC to provide vital business support for fellow NDs.

Michael Smith, ND – Naturopathic Health Systems, LLC

Improve Outcomes While Generating Income

Improve patient satisfaction by offering supplemental services…without the “hard sell”

Every conversation you have with a patient is an opportunity to improve their health—and the health of your practice. Award-winning screenwriter Bill True has advised Fortune 500 companies on how to communicate effectively to persuade people to get desired results. He will share his successful, stress-free process for knowing what to say to patients and when to say it when discussing the therapies, services and products your practice provides.

Bill True – Professional Screenwriter and Speaker

Purchase the 4-DVD set for just $185. That’s more than 6 hours of conference coverage!

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“5 Keys conference a huge success!

Exceeded my expectations…

Terrific conference. I’m taking more home with me than I ever expected. Thank you!”

Kim Schmaltz ND, DC

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for taking the initiative, and the risk, of organizing last Friday’s conference. The number of Naturopaths that registered to participate, and made their way to Phoenix for that purpose, far exceeded my expectations. There is no doubt in my mind that the attendees last Friday received a great deal of value from the quality presentation of The 5 Keys. And it is also clear to me that this event was a great service to the entire field of Naturopathic Medicine. You can count on Radiancy’s continued support.”

Best regards,

Giora Fishman, Vice President


“This conference was very inspiring! My favorite part of the conference was that it melded key practice management strategies with the unique, individual challenges of running a naturopathic practice. I now feel more confident in starting my practice and am grateful for the resources I gained. I look forward to incorporating all that I learned into my future practice and learning more at next year’s conference!”

Elana Gelman, ND student SCNM

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