Klaire Labs (SFI USA) Announces the availability of Acumen, the most extensively studied Bacopa monnieri : CDRI 08

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Reno, NV – Klaire Labs (SFI USA) today announced the launch of Acumen, the most extensively studied extract of Bacopa monnieri (whole aerial plant extract CDRI 08). CDRI 08 is clinically demonstrated to support spatial working memory,1 new information retention,2 stress management, and mood.3

Bacopa monnieri, commonly known as Brahmi, is an adaptogen with a long history of traditional use for memory, cognitive function, and stress management. Mechanisms of action include free radical scavenging, increased cerebral blood flow, neuronal cell support, and neurotransmitter balance. As evidenced by six human clinical trials,1-6 CDRI 08 supports significantly improved visual information processing, enhanced learning and memory consolidation, and decreased cortisol production with associated positive mood.

“This uniquely well-studied Bacopa monnieri extract enjoys complete seed-to-patient quality control to ensure the studied potency and expected outcomes efficacy,” states Pam Conboy, Klaire Labs Marketing Director. “Fans of our sister brand, KeenMind, will be pleased to know that Acumen provides the same CDRI 08 active ingredient with the cleaner label profile strongly preferred by Klaire Labs customers.”

Each capsule of Klaire Labs’ Acumen contains 320 mg of high-potency, standardized CDRI08. It is well-tolerated by adults and children 7 years and older with no stimulant effects.

About Klaire Labs

Since 1969, the Klaire Labs name has been trusted to deliver clean, highly effective nutraceutical formulations suitable for the most sensitive individuals among us.


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