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LEWISVILLE, TX – LifeSeasons®, a pioneer and leader of condition-specific nutraceutical supplements, is officially announcing its launch into the practitioner space at Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York. Since 2009, LifeSeasons has been dedicated to developing its condition-specific formulas with scientifically-backed, efficacious, potent ingredients that are safe to ingest and quickly absorb into the body.

“Moving into the practitioner space is an imperative and necessary step for LifeSeasons,” said Darrin Peterson, founder and CEO of LifeSeasons. “Our approach to health has always been a holistic one. We know today’s consumers are frustrated with the state of our current healthcare system and are looking for personalized, natural, and proven alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. With pharmaceutical addiction and frustration on the rise, our goal is to partner with the integrative physician community and join them in their mission to use integrative medicine to help address various health concerns their patients face through all stages of life.”

LifeSeasons has determined eight critical areas of patient concerns and specifically designed its 33 products to help address those key areas. The eight areas include women’s health, men’s health, heart health, pain management, healthy aging, digestive health, mind and body health, and respiratory and immune health. Additionally, all of LifeSeasons products go through a stringent quality control process to assure they do not contain gluten, magnesium stearate, milk, artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, or soy. All of LifeSeasons products are produced in a 50,000-square foot cGMP NSF certified facility.

In addition to delivering quality products, LifeSeasons philosophy has always been Nature works. Science proves it™. To this end, LifeSeasons has partnered with WINDREF and the Ministry of Health in Grenada to conduct the first-ever triple-blind placebo-controlled study investigating the effectiveness of LifeSeasons Glucose Stabili-T in a high-risk population identified with a diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome. The results from this study are set to be revealed later this year. LifeSeasons is also expected to begin additional clinical studies on several of its products in the coming year. To further validate the role of natural ingredients with use of modern science, LifeSeasons has partnered with medical universities and its medical students to create a comprehensive Ingredient Science Library, an in-depth database of published research supporting each and every ingredient in LifeSeasons formulas. The Ingredient Science Library will be readily available come March 1st to practitioners.

LifeSeasons believes in the value of scientific research, and its mission is to scientifically validate each product it formulates. “We want to empower clinicians with the clinical evidence they need to educate and recommend these products to their patients,” said Darrin Peterson.

“We believe the future of healthcare is changing,” said Jamie Langston, BSN, RN, CCAP, and CCRP at LifeSeasons. “As healthcare costs rise, more and more people are turning to integrative medicine for proven and potent solutions. We strongly believe in our products, and we want to help patients cultivate a more preventative, proactive, and holistic approach to improved health and wellness.”

To learn more about LifeSeasons and how LifeSeasons is helping reshape the healthcare system, visit them at Integrative Healthcare Symposium (Booth 632) in New York.

About LifeSeasons®

LifeSeasons, founded in 2009, is a pioneering manufacturer of custom condition-specific nutraceutical supplements supported by science. Darrin Peterson, Founder and CEO, created the company based on his passion for empowering people to live life to its fullest potential by starting with good health. From the start, LifeSeasons has been providing best-in-class supplements with clinically-tested, bioavailable ingredients. The formulas work together to deliver safe and effective potent solutions to address a wide range of health conditions. LifeSeasons is committed to blending the wisdom of nature with cutting-edge science by utilizing a naturopathic approach to create high quality, scientifically-validated health solutions. LifeSeasons believes that nature works and science proves it. Visit to learn more.


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