Marcus Hevert, Americana Aulenbacher Assume New Hevert USA Responsibilities

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Top Management Moves Strengthen Family Business Identity

Marcus Hevert, newly appointed co-Managing Director of German homeopathic manufacturer Hevert-Arzneimittel, recently completed a six-month assignment in the Eugene, Oregon, headquarters of Hevert’s US subsidiary, Hevert Pharmaceuticals. During this time, he worked hand-in-hand with the growing Hevert USA team, supporting and enhancing their efforts in the US market. Marcus Hevert will continue to oversee Hevert USA’s expansion into the future.

Hevert USA President and CEO, Wolf Aulenbacher, who established Hevert USA in 2012 after decades of experience managing several US natural product companies, has stepped down and turned over the reins to his daughter, new President Americana Aulenbacher, effectively extending Hevert’s family business tradition to the US. Wolf Aulenbacher will continue to assist Hevert-Arzneimittel with US operations in the role of Senior Advisor.

Americana Aulenbacher has been with Hevert USA since its inception and brings a fresh perspective, energy and a keen US market understanding to the post, along with years of industry experience working with her father.

“I am very excited to step into this new role. I’m looking forward to achieving our goals for the US and taking Hevert to new heights,” said Ms. Aulenbacher, adding, “I am a big proponent of the naturopathic community and I think it is extremely important that we continue to support its members in every manner possible.”

Hevert USA also recently welcomed new Medical Director, Kristy Anderson, ND, to the company. As a naturopathic doctor and former Medical Advisor for Heel, USA, Dr. Anderson has an intimate understanding of the naturopathic community and its challenges, complemented by a wealth of homeopathic knowledge and experience. Hevert USA is very pleased to have her on its team.

Said Dr. Anderson, “As the Medical Director of Hevert USA, I look to further support the growth and development of homeopathy in the US. The science and long-term efficacy of Hevert remedies is exceptional and unmatched by other formulas.  I am honored to be part of the Hevert USA team and to help bring our homeopathic medications to practitioners and patients here in the US.”

Hevert USA was recently recognized with an NDNR 2015 Physician’s Choice Award nomination in the “Best Homeopathic Company” category for excellence in its products and support.

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Hevert Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to naturopathy and the development of natural medicines. An independent, family-owned company founded in Germany in 1956 and run by Marcus and Mathias Hevert, its third-generation co-Managing Directors, Hevert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of homeopathic and herbal medicines. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes medicines for virtually every treatment area relevant to natural medicine.


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