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Swiss Biological Medicine Academy has restored professional education and new public outreach to North America.

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The Academy program is a new expansion of team curriculum training that conveys the foundations of difficult disease programs and expertise of Dr. Thomas Rau M.D., the past 27-year Medical Director of Switzerland’s famous former Biological Clinic.

Swiss Biological Medicine is an individualized holistic natural medicine approach to complex situations often regarded by conventional specialists as  “undiagnosable”. Our specialty is in helping doctors identify and work toward correcting root causes of complex and difficult health pictures.

These methods are now the focus of the activity at the new Swiss Biological Medicine Center at Teufen – a new teaching and treatment center that has opened as the demonstration facility to accommodate internships for doctors in the international Academy network. Our network now serves 20 countries!

We are excited to add two North Americans experienced with the Dr. Rau approach to help deliver the new curriculum. Each has attended over 2 decades of training programs by Dr. Rau and other natural medicine leaders hosted by Marion Institute. Each has a successful reputation embracing these methods in their own clinic settings. Dr Stills and Dr Roberts have both attended as shadow practitioners with Dr Rau at the Paracelsus Clinic.

Dr. Melina Roberts N.D. – an established naturopathic physician at Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre, Calgary. She enjoys a very strong reputation in Swiss Biological Medicine and for over 20 years her focus has been complex chronic disease, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, cancer, pediatric and women’s health. Dr. Roberts has trained with Dr. Rau and has attended patients with him at the famous Swiss Paracelsus Clinic.  She is a graduate of CCNM in Toronto.

Dr. Sharon Stills N.M.D. – an innovative practitioner providing a biological medicine approach to complex diagnostic and therapeutic pictures. She enjoys specializing in women’s health. Dr. Stills has attended clinical training at Paracelsus Clinic with Dr. Thomas Rau M.D. and is familiar with the new work happening at SBMC. She is an experienced lecturer and active public health education advocate. She is a graduate of SCNM in Tempe AZ and now works in Scottsdale.

Dr. Felix Bethge M.D. – was a close clinical partner to Dr Rau at Paracelsus Clinic for 5 years and has become a specialist in complex disease with a particular focus on breast cancers. He also has a strong interest in psycho-immunological advances in mind/body connections. He lectures for the European Swiss Biomedicine Academy programs and for Sanum-Kehlbeck in Germany. Dr Bethge has clinical practices at Hannover and Berlin in Germany. He also provides periodic assistance at the new SBMC teaching clinic in Teufen Switzerland with Drs. Rau and Vogiatzis.

Who attends?  

MD, ND and HD doctors, Functional Medicine practitioners, holistic-minded Chiropractors, Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, biological dentists, nurses, therapists, nutritional counselors, wellness and healthcare advocates interested in better choices.

Contact us in North America:  

Terry Cotter,

Program Director – North America 
Call: +1-778-847-3243

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