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As a forum for the naturopathic community, participation in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR) has often been a vantage point for growth, communication and new collaborations within and amongst the naturopathic community. NDNR embraces what is unique to naturopathic medicine in the broader scope of natural medicine. It is in this spirit that we launched the NDNR Student Writer’s Scholarship in 2013.

Now the time has come to announce the winners of the annual Naturopathic Doctor News & Review Student Writer’s Scholarship. Winners will be published in the April and May issues of NDNR. This year, 27 applicants from each of the 7 CNME accredited institutions applied.

Students were required to shadow and partner with a practicing naturopathic doctor as part of the scholarship, providing them with insight and guidance in the profession. Applicants’ submissions were judged on a rubric by our scholarship committee in 4 areas: purpose, content, organization, and creativity. The competition was strong as all applicants submitted impressive work.

As a longtime supporter of NDNR, Natural Partners, Inc. is pleased to sponsor the NDNR Student Writer’s Scholarship. “Supporting naturopathic organizations such as NDNR allows us to help the next generation of practitioners realize their unique vision of wellness,” said Fran Towey, President of Natural Partners. “It is an inspiration to see so many students intent on making the world a healthier place.”

Natural Partners continues to salute the tireless efforts of each practitioner who serves patients, provides education, and promotes greater health and wellness to people in their community and around the world. For more information on Natural Partners’ mission to achieve world wellness, visit www.naturalpartners.com.

First Place Case Study: 

Emma Neiworth-Petshow

First Place Research Review: 

Andrew Hubbard, BSc

Second Place Case Study:

Justin Wise

Second Place Research Review:

Sean Jackson

Honorable Mention Case Study:

Mary Fu

Honorable Mention Research Review:

Ju Young Yoo

Naturopathic Doctor News & Review encourages students attending Bastyr California Campus, Bastyr Washington Campus, Boucher, CCNM, NCNM, National University of Health Sciences, SCNM, and the University of Bridgeport to participate in the 5th Annual Student Writer’s Scholarship. Those interested in learning more about this opportunity can visit ndnr.com/scholarship.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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