Delicious Detox: Fast and Easy Recipes to Boost Energy and Improve Health

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Delicious Detox: Fast and Easy Recipes to Boost Energy and Improve Health
Dr Carol Morley has created a unique new cookbook that provides health-conscious cooks the recipes and information they need to prepare delicious meals during a healthy natural detoxification. Built out of experience with her own detoxifications, as well as from advice to her patients on how to perform a detox, Dr Morley has compiled 80 recipes and guidelines that allow the reader ample instruction for independently performing a 3-week detox. As per Dr Morley, “Delicious Detox answers the two questions I’m most frequently asked: If I go on a detox, what can I eat? And will it taste any good?” (p1).
A natural detoxification is a healthy way to benefit the human body by taking a break from the toxic onslaught of poor food choices. It is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins and allergens, and it permits the body to reconnect with healthful food items that promote energy influx, a clearer mind, and improved digestion. Dietary detoxification involves the elimination of certain foods such as caffeine, alcohol, wheat, dairy, and sugar. Dr Morley writes: “[P]reparation is the key, whether you are on a detox or not. Eating healthy takes time and organization, even for the most seasoned healthy eater” (p3). Included in the book are weekly shopping lists, a 14-day meal planner, and 80 recipes, including breakfasts, salads and slaws, soups, main entrées (chicken, fish, and vegetarian), and side dishes (grains and veggies), as well as dressings, dips, and condiments. There is even an appendix that includes instruction on how to cook whole grains and dried beans.
The recipes in the book have been developed in Morley’s own family kitchen and tried by many of her patients. This book is designed to help anyone who wants to eat delicious meals during a detox or who simply wants to change his or her eating habits. It is a great compilation of delicious healthy alternatives to common and preventable poor food choices. It is a highly recommended book to provide for patients and to have in the office when patients ask “What can I eat on a detox diet?”
Title: Delicious Detox: Fast and Easy Recipes to Boost Energy and Improve Health
Author: Carol Morley, ND
Publisher: Otterville Press
Available from:
Pages: 102
Style: Softcover
Copyright: 2008
MSRP: $24.95

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