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8 Weeks to Women’s Wellness

8 Weeks to Women’s Wellness expertly documents the connection between our environment and the causative factors underlying specific women’s health conditions. In this work, her first book, Dr Marianne Marchese portrays the various ways women are exposed to environmental chemicals through everyday products. She then links how these toxic chemicals are intricately connected to 10 common women’s health problems.

The hormonal interactions taking place within a woman’s body are extremely unique. Specifically, a woman’s body is subject to the monthly hormonal exchanges of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Sustaining a balance between these and other hormones is essential to women’s overall health. Unbeknownst to most women are the environmental chemical imitators that act like hormones when given the opportunity to enter the body. Such environmental chemicals are present within well-known products such as household cleansers, laundry detergents, makeup, and water bottles. These chemicals have estrogen-disrupting compounds that interrupt the natural flux and flow of the body’s physiology, causing disease and in this case specific women’s health disorders such as fibroids, breast cancer, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and other challenging health concerns.

Dr Marchese develops her book through the contents of 7 chapters. Chapter 1 focuses on how toxic a woman may be and not even know it. Chapter 2 spotlights the ways women are exposed to toxic chemicals (ie, by food, water, air, cosmetics, etc). Chapter 3 enlightens the specifics of how toxins affect women’s health: “the science is solid. Low dose exposure to chemicals in the environment is linked to women’s health conditions. While the politics appear to be stronger than the science, women are stronger than both” (p 35.) Chapter 4 talks about testing for the chemicals that are the disrupters causing the health issues. Chapter 5 is a teaching chapter. This chapter helps the reader to become self-aware of the physical products she should purchase and use to avoid further exposure. It is a concentrated chapter, bridging the awareness necessary for women to be conscious of what they are putting on and in their bodies. Chapter 6 is devoted to treatment on how do we get this stuff out: “since it is impossible to completely avoid toxins, you can cleanse once or twice a year to prevent any health problems” (p 125). Chapter 7 sums up the previous chapters in a sturdy organized list that is easily followed. Also included in the book is a fantastic resource list that prioritizes the necessary companies, products, and items discussed in the book. This way, a woman can not only read about what she needs to improve her health but also have a quick access guide to act on to make it all happen.

Dr Marchese’s book is a must-have for every patient, client, and practitioner. She provides clear, concise, and honest advice for every woman. She imparts a practical and professional 8-week road map for how to remove built-up stores of toxins from the body via an at-home detoxification program.

Title: 8 Weeks to Women’s Wellness

Author: Marianne Marchese, ND

Publisher: Smart Publications

Available from:

Pages: 227

Style: Softcover

Copyright: 2011

MSRP: $16.95

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