March 2008 | Cardiopulmonary Health

 In Cardiopulmonary Medicine, NDNR Issues

Tolle Totem

Updates in Women’s Cardiovascular Disease
Emily A. Kane , ND, LAc

Tolle Causam

Naturopathic Management of Atrial Fibrillation
Alena Guggenheim, ND and Martin Milner, ND

Vis Medicatrix Naturae

Polyphenols, Preventive Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease
Nita Bishop, ND
Recent studies reveal polyphenols are multi-faceted agents which may decrease hypertension, LDL oxidation, platelet aggregation, cholesterol and CRP levels. The pharmacokinetics, beneficial effects, and optimum sources are discussed.


Carotid Intima Media Thickness
Bronner Handwerger, ND
A measurement for cardiovascular risk and its association with hormone deficiencies. There is increasing evidence of a direct association between normal androgen levels and reduced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in both men and women.

Statin Drugs, Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Dicken Weatherby, ND and Donald R. Yance, MH, CN
Some of the myths and realities regarding the use of statin drugs as a preventive measure against cardiovascular disease.

Be Your Best Self
Afsoun Khalili, ND
A healthy lifestyle change and weight management program.

Primum Non Nocere

Cayenne as a Treatment
Dan Carter, ND
Effects on circulatory disorders and acute coronary artery adverse events.

Similar Thought

Homeopathy in Practice
Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND
A recent case study offers an exciting clinical pearl.

Naturopathic News

Message from the President
Paul Mittman, SCNM
A rotating column from the presidents of naturopathic medical colleges.

What’s Happening in the Naturopathic Medical Community

Botanical Insights

Botanical Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Eric Yarnell, ND and Lauren Russel, ND
Choosing a treatment approach, including antimicrobial herbs, immune stimulants, antibiotic resistance modulators and more.


Research and the University Model: Their Roles in Naturopathic Professional Formation
David Schleich, PhD
A continuing series

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