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Diane Grise, ND


A Review of Current Publications for the Naturopathic Industry

Holistic Counseling – Introducing “The Vis Dialogue”: Breakthrough Healing Method Uniting the Worlds of Mind-Body Medicine & Psychology

Dr Moshe Daniel Block is a true believer in The Healing Power of Nature. Dr Moshe healed himself of myasthenia gravis through the questioning of a practitioner who helped him uncover the false belief of “needing to be perfect.” After discovering this to be the root of his autoimmune condition, he committed his professional life to practicing and teaching mind-body medicine. Through his experience, he was shown the power of asking the right questions that help patients discover the false beliefs residing in their own subconscious minds – beliefs at the root of their physical and mental suffering. For the past 15 years, Dr Moshe has specialized in the treatment of autoimmune conditions, particularly myasthenia gravis, utilizing Holistic Counseling alongside homeopathy. His commitment to promoting Vitalism and the principles of naturopathic medicine, based on years of successfully assisting patients in reversing their “incurable” conditions, is a breath of fresh air to a new doc like myself who is often discouraged by the modern naturopathic approach that so often resembles the allopathic model of “this-for-that” medicine. Dr Moshe’s new book, Holistic Counseling – Introducing “The Vis Dialogue,” is full of great insight and practical tips that are easily applied to clinical practice.

The Book

Part I offers a review of the 7 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine, in a profound way that sets the stage for the reader to grasp the fundamental rationale behind the practice of Holistic Counseling. Graphics in the second chapter support the reader, in a way that is tangible and easily digestible, in understanding why and how imbalances in one’s mind and emotions can result in physical imbalance. Case stories, empowering quotations, and wise reflection are woven throughout the book to bring the reader back to the heart of the matter: the most effective practice as naturopathic physicians is to work with The Healing Power of Nature, to allow for true, lasting healing in ourselves and our patients.

Dr Moshe discusses many key concepts of effective holistic practice while also emphasizing the importance of Physician Heal Thyself. I appreciated that he discusses how, in order to hold the space for patients to work through their own struggles, we must first face our own. I enjoyed his examples of the importance of developing and maintaining a balance between our male and female sides as practitioner – a concept I had not pondered before reading this book. By reflecting on the profound role of “doctor as teacher,” Dr Moshe demonstrates why we must develop inner character, strength, and balance before expecting to reveal that in our patients.

Part II reviews the principles of Holistic Counseling and offers metaphors for grappling with common scenarios often seen in practice. This section helps to set the stage for Part III and Part IV, which dive into the specific non-directive and directive questions utilized in Holistic Counseling practice. Through the use of case examples that are interspersed with commentary from Dr Moshe designed to point out areas of common mistakes he made in the beginning of his own practice, the reader is provided with an easy-to-use list of thought-provoking questions and examples for guiding dialogue that can be utilized immediately in practice. In fact, after beginning the book, I found myself utilizing the principles and examples in my personal life through reframing the way in which I spoke with my partner. Instead of offering suggestions, as I so often find myself doing as the pervasive “fixer,” I instead asked non-directive questions to engage a deeper dialogue. As a result, I witnessed my partner reach a more profound and genuine understanding of the issue at hand. I was amazed at how simple and natural this process was, and felt empowered to utilize this healing process of questioning with my patients.

  • Title: Holistic Counseling – Introducing “The Vis Dialogue”
  • Author: Moshe Daniel Block, ND
  • Publisher: Psyche Books
  • Available through:
  • Pages: 398
  • Style: Soft Cover
  • Copyright: 2016
  • MSRP: $36.95



Dr Moshe writes in an engaging and inspiring language that allowed me to move through the book quickly and kept me hungry for more. The use of case histories and examples of dialogue bring to life the concepts of Holistic Counseling, and illustrate the ways in which this therapy can be utilized with various types of patients, both emotionally and intellectually focused, each requiring a different approach. The book serves as an introduction to the healing method that can be learned in more detail by attending Dr Moshe’s Holistic Counseling seminars.

This book is highly recommended for both students and physicians who wish to improve upon the effectiveness of the medical interview with their patients, as well as for those who are eager to return to the foundations of our medicine by emphasizing self-healing via self-reflection. By reframing the role of the doctor from the “fixer” to the “revealer of the patient’s inner wisdom,” it not only takes the pressure off the doctor to find the right answer, but more importantly allows for profound, lasting healing that empowers the patient to identify the common thread between their subconscious beliefs and their illness. Holistic Counseling – Introducing “The Vis Dialogue” offers a practical, effective approach to helping patients discover the underlying beliefs that are causing their illness. Through non-directive questioning, patients are guided to give themselves permission to no longer allow those beliefs to run their lives and promote disease.

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Diane Grise, ND, practices in Tempe, Arizona, where she focuses on the treatment of mental illness and chronic disease utilizing a Nature Cure approach of homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture. She also serves as adjunct faculty at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

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