In Memory of Dr. Konrad Kail

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In Memory of Dr. Konrad Kail

Dr. Konrad Kail passed away at 9:30 am on July 18th. He was 62. Many of you already know that Dr. Kail has been battling a particularly malignant brain cancer for the past two and a half years. He died peacefully in his home with his wife Petie at his side.

Konrad was bigger than life, one whose accomplishments could fill the resumes of ten people. A founder of SCNM, he also served as the third president of the AANP and had the distinction of becoming the first naturopathic physician to sit on an NIH Advisory Council. He chaired SCNM’s Board of Trustees as well as the State’s Board of Examiners. He taught, he invented, he conducted and published research, and he treated thousands and thousands of patients.

After graduating from NCNM in 1983, Konrad, Petie and a small group of intrepid NDs bicycled around the United States. Their Wheeling and Healing Tour introduced the public to naturopathic medicine, on the radio and in person everywhere they went. I know a lot of people who bicycle across the country. Leave it to Konrad to circumnavigate it.

Konrad and Petie Kail were married for 38 years. I am hard pressed to think of two people who loved each other more or spent more time together. I rarely said, Konrad or Petie nearly always using the phrase Konrad and Petie. As expected, Petie was with Konrad for every moment of his last journey on this earth.

We don’t know the exact plans or dates for a memorial service. I’m sure you will read and hear many, many testimonials to our dear friend and colleague. There will be a more detailed obituary sent out by the AANP, besides the one in the Az Republic.

We loved him dearly.


Dr. Paul Mittman      

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