Licensing for NDs Passes in Idaho

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Node Smith, ND

It’s a very exciting time for naturopathic physicians in Idaho. Recently, the Idaho bill to license naturopathic doctors (SB 244) passed the Senate Floor in Boise, Idaho. The Senate voted 32 in favor, two against and one absent. This shows a landslide of support for naturopathic medicine in the state.

A landslide of support for naturopathic medicine in Idaho

This has been a painstaking process for the Idaho Association of Naturopathic Physicians (IDAANP), but their hard work has finally paid off. Congratulations!

Direct from IDAANP

“This was truly a collaboration among colleagues. Many members of our association have been working on this for over 20 years and we were happy to lead the charge this session. We are eternally grateful for our lobbyist of 20 years, Kris Ellis and her colleagues Lance Giles and Tammy Perkins who helped get this over the finish line. We are looking forward to the next steps and the party!” – IDAANP board members Joan Haynes, ND & Diana Crumrine, ND

Idaho ND Bill goes into effect July 2020

Crumine also commented on how recent legislation is affecting the overall healthcare options in the country.

“Throughout the country, there’s a feeling of wanting more choices, for your health care and natural medicine, or naturopathic medicine is one of those choices. There are 23 other states that are license for this primary care option and so it’s just a matter of time where all states will be license and we’re just happy to be having this option now. To increase our opportunities in the state,” Crumrine said.


Node Smith, ND, is a naturopathic physician in Humboldt, Saskatchewan and associate editor and continuing education director for NDNR. His mission is serving relationships that support the process of transformation, and that ultimately lead to healthier people, businesses and communities. His primary therapeutic tools include counselling, homeopathy, diet and the use of cold water combined with exercise. Node considers health to be a reflection of the relationships a person or a business has with themselves, with God and with those around them. In order to cure disease and to heal, these relationships must be specifically considered. Node has worked intimately with many groups and organizations within the naturopathic profession, and helped found the non-profit, Association for Naturopathic Revitalization (ANR), which works to promote and facilitate experiential education in vitalism.

Node Smith graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in 2017, and is currently licensed as a naturopathic physician in Oregon and working towards becoming licensed in Saskatchewan, Canada as well.

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