Phosphatidic can increase muscle mass

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A recent study has shown that phosphatidic acid (PA) can increase muscle mass and anabolic signaling.

The findings were published in the December issue of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Human and cell cultures have proved that PA can increase muscle mass and anabolic signaling but lacked in vivo evidence of it. This study set out to see if PA feeding increased post-prandial muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and anabolic signaling markers and to see if PA can enhance the post-prandial anabolic effects of whey protein concentrate.

Male Wistar rats were used in the study. Both groups fasted, then one was fed only water while the other was given PA.

Results indicated that rats subjected to PA feeding had increased MPS. However, researchers say more post-prandial time is needed to find out how PA feeding affects muscle anabolism.

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