High fat, low carbohydrate diets impact on athletes

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Very low carbohydrate and high fat diets are safe for resistance athletes who wish to improve testosterone values while increasing insulin sensitivity, research has shown.

The findings have been published in the December edition of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The study involved 26 college-aged resistance-trained men who participated in a periodized resistance training program three times per week. Blood samples were taken at the start, and at 11 weeks and analyzed for safety, metabolic panel and comprehensive blood panel, blood lipid profile and insulin and testosterone levels.

While the diet has been used to decrease fat mass and obesity in overweight individuals, its safety had been called into question. This study examined the safety of this diet for athletes.

Results suggest that the diet is safe for athletes and actually improves testosterone values while simultaneously increasing insulin sensitivity.

Even though total cholesterol increased in the group, athletes looking to optimize their hormone levels while using a safe dieting strategy can use a very low carbohydrate and high fat diet safely, the study concludes.

For more information visit the website: http://www.jissn.com/content/11/S1/P39

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