Techniques to Deal with Sub-Syndromal Depression 

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A study out of Beijing, China set out to look at individuals with sub-syndromal depression (SSD) and evaluate the effects of electroacupuncture (EA) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), alone or in combination on depressive symptoms.

The researchers took undergraduate students with SSD and allocated to one of four groups, based on which group they preferred. Either the EA, CBT, EA plus CBT group or the untreated control group. The treatments lasted for six weeks.

The results of the study indicated that there were statistically significant improvements in the surveys and a higher remission rate was found in all the treatment groups. Also, EA reduced sleep disturbance scores more than CBT or EA plus CBT, while CBT reduced retardation scores more than EA. EA plus CBT reduced anxiety/somatization scores more than either treatment by itself.

While more studies need to be completed, early intervention through EA or CBT or a combination can help. Each therapy may have differential effects on certain symptoms.

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