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how does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

We have made a commitment to the Arizona, Oregon, and Washington associations of Naturopathic physicians to provide medical malpractice insurance to their members. We have not only provided a great policy but also provide excellent service. Our carriers Risk Management service is another added feature which , here to fore, did not exist. Doctors can call in on various matters regarding practice management and obtain helpful advice. This is a free service to our policy holders.

We also provide educational services to any ND that requests it. We do seminars for graduating candidates of the ND program, as well as for social clubs. We believe education is the key.

Our commitment stems from the fact that we have been writing medical malpractice insurance for 30 plus years. During this time we have seen a decline in services provided to the public from the traditional primary care physicians. We believe that the naturopathic community, working within its scope of practice, can contribute greatly to the overall health of our communities by filling this decline in accessibility to primary care services.

We have integrated this commitment into our companies culture by having our own educational training seminars as to the services ND’s provide. Everyone in our organization now realizes and understands what the ND physicians can do for our communities given the opportunity to serve.

All of this is very well and good, but service support companies need to jump on board and support the ND’s. I am proud to say that we have done that by  integrating Naturopathic Medicine into the insurance products we provide in order to protect the assets of ND’s, thereby encouraging their success.

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