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How does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

Metagenics has long supported NDs by offering natural modalities to help patients reach their genetic potential for the best health possible. Complementing the practice of naturopathic medicine, we offer uniquely effective and powerful nutritional and lifestyle medicine protocols that address the underlying causes of a wide range of health concerns.

Our in-house R&D and QA/QA departments carefully research, formulate, and test every product. We also see patients every day in our in-house clinic—the Functional Medicine Research Center (staffed by nutritional and medical professionals)—to evaluate new and existing products and protocols in a clinical setting.

We respect what goes into our products because it goes into the body. That means careful identification of plant species and active constituents; ensuring ingredient purity; utilizing non-GMO materials and natural flavors/colors; and manufacturing to exceptional quality standards (with three independent certifications for good manufacturing practices). We also respect our planet and communities by printing with vegetable inks on recycled papers; reducing printed materials via online resources; offering environmentally friendlier packing options; establishing packaging recycling programs; and sponsoring local and international outreach programs like Vitamin Angels.

Naturopaths are an important part of our past and our future as we help usher in a new era of patient-centered care. In 2003, Metagenics helped make ND licensing become law in California through vocal and financial support. And to help NDs stay on the cutting edge of nutritional protocols, we also provide professional learning opportunities (seminars, webinars, workshops). Our nutritional consultants also serve as a collaborative partner to help you deliver more effective patient outcomes.

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