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how does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

For naturopathic professionals, it’s all about the patient. In order to keep the focus on the patient and make sure they get the right care, naturopathic professionals need to make sure patients can be seen in a timely manner both for regular well check-ups and sick check-ups when needed. AppointmentPlus helps keep the focus on patient well-being by offering unparalleled convenience, accuracy and time savings when it comes to scheduling – taking that onus off of the professional so they can focus on the patient. The online scheduling software from AppointmentPlus serves the unique needs of naturopathic professionals, helping their practice run smoothly with robust scheduling capabilities, appointment reminders and the flexibility to customize the software features to suit the unique energy and vision of their business.

With features like online payment options, billing and centralized booking, AppointmentPlus simplifies the entire scheduling process so naturopaths can focus their time and energy where it’s needed most—helping their patients achieve health and wellness. The software also tracks patients’ entire scheduling and payment history, with robust reporting to help them better plan for the future.

Every naturopathic business is different, and AppointmentPlus is designed to meet those unique needs. Multi-location setup, system access management, even allowing patients to schedule their own appointments online or through Facebook—the highly configurable platform solves a variety of needs and deliverables so that all patient and provider preferences can be accommodated for maximum satisfaction.

As a web-based software system, AppointmentPlus is perfect for the busy naturopath’s business, allowing practitioners to manage their appointments anytime, anywhere and from any device, including smartphones and tablets. It’s also designed to integrate with other popular software like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Outlook and QuickBooks. And because sensitive patient data is involved, naturopathic professionals and their patients can have peace of mind knowing the platform is HIPPA-compliant and completely secure and confidential.

With AppointmentPlus, naturopathic professionals spend less time managing and more time doing what they do best—helping their patients enjoy the highest quality care possible.

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