how does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

PASCOE is known as a company which puts naturopathic doctors first. We are dedicated to helping naturopathic doctors and their patients access quality, evidence-based, safe remedies. We support community initiatives through the naturopathic colleges, provide free training for students and new grads, give rapid and professional therapeutic advice, and support practice development: all of our programs are focused on promoting naturopathic medicine.

We are a professional-line company: we have only one line, no retail copy of our products, and the vast majority of our products are recommended exclusively by healthcare providers – and 85% of those are naturopathic doctors. Understanding its fundamental importance, we have long prided ourselves on our customer service for our clients. Small and flexible, with a team who is more like family than colleagues, we can quickly with common sense to address any questions or needs that arise from our customers.

We are continually warmed by comments from our doctors about the successes they have had in treating patients, their peace of mind for safety and efficacy due to our thorough and transparent labeling and product information. And yet nothing pleases us more than when a customer calls or writes to thank us for our help – our products are second-to-none, but our people are what make us and we are very proud of every employee. Despite being from different backgrounds, each one of us believes passionately in what we do and the naturopathic doctors who are the core of our business.

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