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How does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

St. Francis Herb Farm is very grateful for having been nominated for this award, which is a perfect fit with our history. From the very outset, when we were just a cottage industry in the 1980s, naturopathic herbal medicine, as a foundational part of the repertory of cures that make up naturopathy’s materia medica, has held pride of place at the very centre of our business. Our founders, Jeremy and Monique Rivett-Carnac, were pioneers in the return to traditional herbal medicines as a viable alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals. They were among the first, moreover, to recognize the critical importance of the organic sourcing of herbs as part of a true healing paradigm. It comes as no surprise that for many years, in fact, naturopathic doctors were almost exclusively our sole clientele. From very early on, we have had a close and fruitful connection with CCNM. This relationship of mutual affinity has endured over the years and blossomed into ties that we have forged with some of Canada’s best-known doctors—notably Dr. Anthony Godfrey. Even to this day, providing the highest quality botanical medicines to naturopaths lies at the very core of our business. In 2007, CAND recognized SFHF with its Supplier Appreciation Award, “for its years of dedication and support of the CAND and the Naturopathic profession in Canada.” With naturopath, Dr. Terry Vanderheyden, as our Director of Research, we remain committed to serving the dispensary needs of natural health care practitioners with a sensitivity that we have forged over many years of close cooperation.  

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