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How does your company culture support naturopathic medicine?

Douglas Laboratories strives to support our physicians. It is not a one type of service that fits all models, but rather a more individualized service, much like the personalized care that Naturopathic Physicians provide to their patients. We also offer customization and assist in our clients branding. Douglas Laboratories has an advisory board that includes 3 Naturopathic Physicians and our product catalog offers a number of different formulas which were created by Naturopathic Doctors as well.

We are proud to have supported naturopathic medicine by providing annual scholarships to ND students at Bastyr University and National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Douglas Laboratories has supported the community teaching clinics of both universities by providing free or discounted supplements. We service a number of Naturopathic Physician clients throughout the US and Canada. We educate these clients via our territory sales representatives, our regional seminars and our free monthly webinars.

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