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How does your company culture support naturopathic medicine?

DesBio supports all principles of naturopathic medicine. One great strength of DesBio’s company culture is our commitment to education. We see practitioners as teachers, but we also see them as learners.

Our researchers and formulators find the best possible ingredients for the most effective remedies and educate practitioners on how to help their patients on the path to health and wellness. We provide free live webinars where practitioners can ask our knowledgeable staff questions and get immediate answers. Our website contains recordings of these webinars as well as datasheets, clinical decision support algorithms, and a variety of other tools to help practitioners continue to learn. Recently, we added live symposia around the country that offer continuing education credits, giving practitioners an opportunity to meet each other, share ideas, and continue to learn. We support practitioners in their efforts to teach patients with flyers, booklets, and other patient education materials that practitioners are free to use.

We have been delivering traditional and cutting-edge homeopathics to healthcare practitioners for over 20 years.  We recently added botanicals and nutritionals, formulated specifically to partner with our homeopathic products, to give practitioners the opportunity to combine these powerful forms of treatment. Our expertly formulated products are manufactured according to rigorous standards in an FDA-registered facility using highest quality ingredients. We combine cutting-edge approaches with traditional homeopathic remedies, updating our formulas regularly to reflect latest scientific advances. Please visit us at www.desbio.com to learn how we can help you continue to learn and develop your practice.

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