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How does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

SpectraCell Laboratories was founded on two fundamental principles that are perfectly aligned with the naturopathic approach: (1) the concept of biochemical individuality and (2) optimizing cellular function, and by extension systemic health, through targeted micronutrient repletion. Its flagship diagnostic test, aptly named the MicroNutrient Test, identifies specific micronutrient deficiencies for 35 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other metabolites. Since every physiological process needs micronutrients – to detoxify, produce energy, alter emotions, fight rogue cancer cells – even a single deficiency can compromise health profoundly. Using information from the MicroNutrient Test, you can develop a truly personal supplementation regimen for both prevention and non-invasive, natural treatment of disease.

The health of our cells – whether a brain cell, bone cell or fat cell – determines everything about the health of our entire body, mind included. If our cells struggle, it will manifest differently for each person depending on his or her personal chemistry. Quite literally, the foundation of vitality starts at the cellular level. If a person nourishes their cells with precisely the micronutrients their cells need, true prevention occurs.

Unlike the pharmacologic model which tends to interrupt, or completely halt a necessary metabolic pathway in order to achieve a clinical change, targeted repletion heals the body by aiming to achieve natural metabolic balance. Our bodies are perfectly designed to detoxify, heal and protect if they are given the building blocks – micronutrients – to do so. Although appropriate for specific clinical complaints, in fact, targeted repletion yields systemic benefits. It is the very paradigm of holistic medicine.

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