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How does supporting Naturopathic Medicine relate to Nordic Naturals Company Culture?

Nordic Naturals owes a debt of gratitude to health care professionals in Naturopathic Medicine. When Nordic Naturals was founded almost 20 years ago, it was Naturopathic doctors who truly heard our message about the global omega-3 deficiency and shared our passion to correct it. They understood that a source of high-quality omega-3s—which was non-existent in the United States at the time—would revolutionize their patient outcomes. It was Naturopathic health care practitioners who began ordering and prescribing our products. Their success with our products fueled our success. And we will never forget it.

Nordic Naturals company culture places great value on our Education and Professional Division, which partners with the Naturopathic community. We are committed to providing not only products of unrivaled quality, but also unparalleled support.

We gladly serve these holistic practitioners who approach patient care with both intelligence and compassion. We mirror those qualities in our passionate commitment to research and to providing an array of products to meet patients’ personalized nutritional needs.

We believe Nordic Naturals and Naturopathic Medicine share a kindred spirit. We are both purposeful and zealous in our desire to give each generation what they need to grow healthy and strong, to see less disease, vibrant health, and a better world.

Nordic Naturals is committed to private ownership for generations. We are equally committed to serving those to whom we owe so much, our friends and co-laborers who are advancing health through Naturopathic medicine.










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