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how does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

Mountain Peak Nutritionals® (MPN) is owned and operated by Dr. Jim Massey ND, along with his wife Karen. The brand was originally conceived as an effort to raise funds to support naturopathic doctors and the integrity of naturopathic medicine. In 1995 Dr. Jim was in private practice in Durango, and the idea for MPN was born during a CO association meeting. A fellow practitioner suggested that because he had formulation experience he should create a multivitamin that they could all buy, and he could donate $2 from the sale of each bottle to help raise money for lobbyists in the effort for state licensure. Six months later, the Ultra High multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant formula was a reality.

Within 5 years Mountain Peak Nutritionals® added several more products targeted specifically for use by naturopathic physicians. Dr. Jim left private practice and moved to Portland, OR, where MPN has grown into 31 different Condition Specific Formulas®.  We pride ourselves on judiciously choosing only the best raw materials, maintaining the utmost of standards in manufacturing, and providing personalized customer service.

MPN continues to generously donate to the Colorado association, as well as to the licensure efforts in North Carolina, Maryland and Alaska. MPN is further intertwined in naturopathic outreach by our ongoing product donations and financial support to NCNM in Portland and SCNM in Tempe, as well as to NDI (Natural Doctors International). Recently, we were proud to receive Corporation of the Year (2014) by the AANP for our steadfast support of naturopathic medicine.


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