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 How does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

Vital Nutrients is a supplement manufacturing company founded by a naturopathic physician, based on the premise that a practitioner’s success and credibility ultimately depend on the clinical effectiveness of their treatment program.  As the company has grown, its culture has been built around the values of excellence, integrity, loyalty, professional development and wellness.  Vital Nutrients’ support of the naturopathic profession reflects those values.

As the only nutraceutical manufacturer to conduct independent lab testing on every lot of each raw material and product manufactured, Vital Nutrients leads the industry in Quality Assurance. These efforts verify that each product meets label claim for authenticity and potency, and ensures maximum freedom from hundreds of environmental contaminants. Through this commitment to quality, Vital Nutrients consistently manufactures safe and effective nutritional supplements, ultimately supporting the success and credibility of naturopathic doctors.

As a professional line, Vital Nutrients helps support a revenue stream for doctors who choose to provide a dispensary in office.  For those who do not, patient direct ordering and drop-shipping programs are available for the doctor’s convenience. Vital Nutrients provides opportunities for students and new doctors to familiarize themselves with our products by offering a student discount and new grad program.

For over 15 years Vital Nutrients has been a proud champion of naturopathic causes, supporting both current and future naturopathic doctors through higher education, professional organizations and political awareness.

In addition to lending financial support for state associations seeking licensure, generous support has also been given to all U.S. accredited naturopathic colleges, medical missions and research studies.

Vital Nutrients is proud to join the naturopathic community in promoting safe and effective natural health solutions . . . Because good health is Vital.

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