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How does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

Perhaps the most profound way our mission overlaps with the mission of naturopathic medicine is in our dedication to empowerment and education. With so much attention given to treating symptoms, we both actively support and mirror the work of naturopathic physicians to inspire a shift toward the foundational elements of health.

One example is our dedication to providing a uniquely broad scope of health information to the community. When we launched our magnesium research site Ancient-Minerals.com in 2010, we strove to provide information beyond our line of products. Since then we have educated hundreds of thousands of visitors via dozens of articles on healthy eating, conditions and warning signs of magnesium deficiency, and international research by leading magnesium experts.

In the works now is a similar effort dedicated to probiotic health. But this time rather than be the voice ourselves, we will amplify the voice of naturopathic practitioners and their vital clinical experiences. We’ll work alongside a group of practitioners to explore how recent discoveries unraveling the metagenomics of the GI tract impact clinical success in GI health, and we’ll share that information via published papers, articles, continuing education programs, and promotion of naturopathic voices through social media.

At LL Magnetic Clay, soon to be renamed Enviromedica, we strive to address the chronic issues of our day with the foundational elements that keep us well education and empowerment forming one pillar of that foundation. Supporting and partnering with naturopathic medicine, we’ll realize a new world of healthier choices.

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