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How Does Supporting Naturopathic Medicine relate to your Company Culture? 

In 1995 the basic tenets of Naturopathic Science and Medicine were the at the root core of the establishment of Longevity Resources Inc. While the rest of the professional world was ignoring or denigrating ozone, Naturopaths embraced it, but professional equipment was non-existent in North America. Longevity Resources Inc. immediately became, and still is, the only company in the UltraPure Ozone Industry to provide Professionally Manufactured Quality and Safety Approved products (with ETL and QAI Approvals). Second, Support and Education was established (which endures today) in cooperation with Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD, in the creation of twice yearly Ozone Courses. Support is also offered to each customer in the form of our Platinum Level Customer Support for any and all questions (free, no expiry date). Support is extended in the form of free equipment to hospitals in poor nations, giving access to ozone for those who can’t afford it, and “Loan for Research Programs” so Universities and Colleges can expand the Naturopathic knowledge base. Third, to protect professionals and the public, Longevity took an active advisory role in the establishment of Technological Standards for Ozone Generators in cooperation with the ISCO3.org, and the AAO (American Academy of Ozone). To ensure we ‘leave nothing but footprints” Longevity produces ozone generators designed to last several lifetimes; if you never have to throw it away, there is no waste. At Longevity we owe our origin to Naturopathic Science, and in continued thanks we strive to serve the Naturopathic Community with integrity and respect.

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