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How does supporting naturopathic medicine relate to your company culture?

SharePractice is the first Integrative Medical reference that doctors use at the point of care to share best practices. Doctors search for any diagnosis and see every available treatment including drugs, herbs and supplements. For example, a search for Migraine may show imitrex and keterolac as treatments, as well as IV magnesium, MigraFew and Elimination Diet as treatment options. Further, a community of over 10K physicians (25% NDs) rank these treatments based on their experience. No longer is medicine subject to marketing budgets. In SharePractice, if it works, it gets noticed.

In addition to detailed drug info for over 20K pharmaceuticals, SharePractice has detailed information for over 10K professional supplements as provided by Emerson Ecologics.

SharePractice is especially helpful for the Naturopathic community as we have a difficult time establishing standards of care. As a result, most of the world does not understand what we do or how we do it. Founded by an ND, we have a mission to bring ND protocols to doctors everywhere, thereby reducing conventional medical friction toward our profession. When thousands of NDs aggregate our knowledge, we all win.

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