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New Community Education Programming for Health and Wellness

TEMPE, Ariz. (April 27, 2015)—Searching for a different kind of healthcare and medical experience, one that encompasses more natural methods and helps patients navigate their way through the information, hype and fads? The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine introduces SCNM Thrive, a new series of Community Education programs, offering patients and the community affordable, fee-based, quality programming covering movement, cooking and personal empowerment.

“At SCNM, we believe that getting healthy is more than simply a visit to the physician,” says Melissa Winquist, SCNM’s VP of Student Affairs and the creator of SCNM Thrive. “Healing and health take place outside the doctor’s office. It occurs through lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, and in how we feed our mind, body and soul. Thrive aims to provide the community with tools to create their own paths to wellness.”

SCNM Thrive offers courses and classes focused on three areas:

Thrive Movement—Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and more, with the best instructors in the Valley. All class offerings respect the student’s starting point, from limited mobility due to health issues or injury, to those seeking greater ease, flexibility and concentration.

Thrive Nourishment—Designed to help participants cook delicious and healthy food, these demonstration classes and workshops focus on cooking for those struggling with particular health conditions, sensitivities and dietary restrictions. Executive chefs, nutritionists and physicians show you how to make healthy meals that don’t sacrifice taste.

Thrive Empowerment—Classes, seminars and workshops provide participants with the education and information to make more informed decisions to actively participate in their own care. These classes support treatment protocols by naturopathic doctors in the SCNM Medical Center and Pain Relief Center. Topics may include: homeopathic remedies, reading food labels, natural treatments for allergies, how to choose dietary supplements, and much more.

To learn more or to sign up for classes, visit

About SCNM:  The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine trains future physicians to focus on prevention, wellness and lifestyle changes, which addresses the root cause of the majority of the problems plaguing Americans. Located in Tempe, and founded in 1993, SCNM is an accredited higher-learning institution offering a four-year medical program. Adjacent to the college, the SCNM Medical Center is the largest naturopathic medical center in the Southwest and offers family and primary care using integrative modalities such as acupuncture, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, manipulation, and pharmacology. It has more than 40 doctors and more than 200 student clinicians. For more information, visit
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