2020 Winners– NDNR Physician’s Choice Awards

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The NDNR Physician’s Choice Awards are bestowed upon companies that embrace naturopathic medicine and support naturopathic physicians, their practices, and patients. Between March 15 and May 15, 2020, naturopathic doctors selected one company for each of the following six categories, which they felt provided the very best in quality products, superior customer service, community outreach, and social/environmental impact.

Voting categories for the awards:

·         Botanical Medicine

·         Compounding Pharmacies

·         Diagnostic Laboratories

·         Homeopathy

·         Software & Business Services

·         Supplements & Nutraceuticals

Winners in each category were posed the question, “How does your company culture support naturopathic medicine?” The following are their responses in their own words…


2020 Winner of the NDNR Physician’s Choice Award for Excellence in Botanical Medicine

Wise Woman Herbals® was founded in 1989 by a naturopath for naturopaths. We offer the most comprehensive line of high-quality botanical supplements to professionals, with formulas based on the eclectics and the naturopathic formulary. As a professional product line, our distribution is tightly controlled and geared toward licensed healthcare professionals with a focus in botanical medicine. The integrity of our products is guaranteed through strict manufacturing practices. Quality standards begin with organic, biodynamic, wild-crafted, and cultivated herbs that are harvested in the wild and sourced from local farms.

Using the traditional maceration process taught in naturopathic colleges, we extract and preserve the plant’s therapeutic qualities with organic alcohol, mountain spring water, kosher vegetable glycerin, and other all-natural ingredients. Raw materials in the finished product are tested to ensure the highest level of purity. As environmental stewards, we offset 100% of our energy use by purchasing wind, biomass, and solar energy in our Feng Shui-designed, FDA-inspected facility. We compost, recycle, and use recycled packaging materials to minimize our carbon footprint.

Wise Woman Herbals gives generously to the naturopathic profession through product donations, a rebate program for states seeking licensure, corporate sponsorship, and support of the colleges. Our staff is comprised of certified herbalists, herbal enthusiasts, and consumers and proponents of naturopathic medicine. Wise Woman Herbals’ mission to provide a gentle and natural way to improve quality of life by offering superior botanical supplements – resulting in a healthier, more balanced and sustainable world that is consistent with naturopathic principles.


2020 Winner of the NDNR Physician’s Choice Award for Excellence in Compounding Pharmacies

Supporting naturopathic medicine defines Women’s International Pharmacy’s passion and culture on a daily basis. For example, naturopathic practitioners understand the delicate link between mind, body and soul for optimal health.

Our goal is to help practitioners determine and maintain patients’ optimum hormone levels, to improve health and well-being. Consistent with naturopathic medicine, personalized care helps meet the unique needs of each patient. Each prescription is individually compounded, based on the practitioner’s understanding of the unique needs of the patient. Naturopathic medicine and Women’s International Pharmacy understand that therapy is not “one size fits all.”

We take great pride in our dedication to the right of naturopathic practitioners to prescribe compounded medication. Our sincere thanks to all NDs for helping us feed our passion and nurture our culture of support for your community for over 30 years.

Precision Analytical Inc.

2020 Winner of the NDNR Physician’s Choice Award for Excellence in Diagnostic Laboratories

Precision Analytical was started by Mark Newman with the help of some very talented physicians and analytical chemists. Mark spent years directing a urine hormone testing lab and most recently directed salivary hormone testing at ZRT laboratories for over six years gaining a fairly unique and thorough perspective on blood, urine, and saliva hormone testing. This unique experience led to a vision for a revolutionary way to test hormones. The question of how to best test hormones is what drove the creative process that initiated this lab. Blood (serum), urine, and salivary testing all have significant limitations. Our unique testing methods bridge the gap between existing methods to create better tools for healthcare providers to address the needs of their patients.

Precision Analytical exists to make it easier for patients and their healthcare providers to find answers to complex clinical questions that affect their lives every day. Our unique hormone testing and reporting methods create better tools for healthcare providers to explore hormone issues with their patients. We are fully committed to the mission of improving the lives of those who trust us for their laboratory testing needs.

Precision Analytical is a CLIA certified laboratory run by a small team of dedicated scientists with combined experience of over 50 years in performing laboratory tests and developing novel testing methods. Lab testing involves a series of questions that must be addressed in putting together methods that are accurate and precise (reproducible). Lab quality is critical to ensuring that healthcare providers make the best decisions they can for their patients.

Another issue that can hamper the clinical decision making process is the complexity of hormone testing results. We are committed to creating lab reports that help increase the confidence and competence of healthcare providers as they steer their patients towards a healthier life.

Professional formulas complementary health

2020 Winner of the NDNR Physician’s Choice Award for Excellence in Homeopathy

Naturopathic medical doctors give patients better lives through improved health. They practice a distinct kind of medicine, one that addresses the underlying cause and treats the whole person. They are working to solve complex health problems, and that can be a challenge. At Professional Formulas, we want to help.

We know that practitioners need to achieve immediate, lasting health improvements to keep patients coming back. That’s’ why we are so focused on making it easier to develop treatment plans that provide effective symptom relief, restore healthy organ/system function, and address the underlying cause of dysfunction.

Professional Formulas provides high-quality homeopathics and nutritional supplements to help naturopathic doctors achieve their treatment goals. Our hand-succussed remedies, NSF-certified quality, and knowledgeable Practitioner Support Specialists are all designed for the way naturopathic medical doctors treat their patients.


2020 Winner of the NDNR Physician’s Choice Award for Excellence in Software & Business Services

Natural Partners Fullscript is a trusted resource for naturopathic practitioners who strive to improve patient wellness and practice economics. To better meet the growing needs of the naturopathic community and other integrative physicians, Natural Partners and Fullscript merged in 2018 to provide the perfect dispensing solution, no matter how practitioners do business.

Since 1995, Natural Partners has provided healthcare practitioners with professional-grade products at wholesale prices. Stocking an in-office dispensary is the best way for practitioners to provide treatment for patients in need of acute care. Other patients may prefer the convenience of ordering supplements online. Practitioners turn to Fullscript, the industry leading online dispensary, to give their patients access to professional grade supplements without carrying inventory. Fullscript improves patient adherence and increases refills.

“Both Natural Partners and Fullscript were inspired by Naturopathic Doctors,” said Fran Towey, CEO of Natural Partners Fullscript. “Helene Wechsler inspired Tye Smith to start Natural Partners while Dr. Alanna Dyment helped imagine what Fullscript could be and was the very first practitioner to use Fullscript.  The naturopathic community continues to embrace Natural Partners Fullscript and we’ll continue to support them by providing effortless dispensing solutions and world-class customer support.”

Natural Partners Fullscript continues to innovate their software and services while expanding their portfolio to make it easier for naturopaths to practice. Additionally, they support many industry organizations and schools to help foster the growth of the naturopathic community.

Research nutritionALS

2020 Winner of the NDNR Physician’s Choice Award for Excellence in Supplements & Nutraceuticals (Tie)

Founded in 2006 by CEO, Dennis Schoen, and headquartered on California’s beautiful central coast, Researched Nutritionals® has quickly become a leader in the physician-only nutritional supplement market. The company’s research-based product development and ongoing clinical trials to demonstrate product efficacy are an integral aspect of the Researched Nutritionals® mission.

With its product focus on mitochondrial function, immune support, detoxification and inflammation health, physicians turn to Researched Nutritionals® for their toughest patients.

The company combines a strong domestic & international sales team with a customer-centric corporate staff, providing an unparalleled customer experience & worldwide shipping.

Research Focus

“Researched” – the first word in our company name, was chosen to communicate our research-driven culture.

All product development begins with ingredient research.  If new ingredient research becomes available whose inclusion would enhance an existing product, we update the respective product.  We continue to strive to optimize product efficacy, never resting on our laurels.

We conduct research in university settings, private research facilities and in clinics.  This published research is well designed, and the results are reproducible with your patients.  Our goal is to provide the doctor and the patient with science-based research to aid in product selection, optimizing patient outcome.  The company allocates well into the six figures, annually, for primarily human and also in vitro research.

Our research not only proves product efficacy but goes beyond by subjecting our products to grueling conditions to prove heat stability and label claim even after simulating patient use.  For example, our peer-reviewed published research on Tri-Fortify™ Orange/Watermelon liposomal glutathione demonstrated a 28% increase in red blood cell (intracellular) glutathione, 25% reduction in oxidative stress & 400% increase in natural killer cell function in just two weeks.  We also contracted with a third-party lab to subject Tri-Fortify™ Orange/Watermelon to 1040F and 75% humidity for 90 consecutive days…and it still exceeded label claim.  The product was also put through a simulated opening and closing, at a third-party lab, for 30 days and the product still exceeded label claim.  Researched Nutritionals® is committed to research beyond any other company within our industry.

Product Focus

Our products meet specific patient needs.  Doctors partner with Researched Nutritionals for the most advanced, researched-focused products, with our expertise being in immune, energy (mitochondrial & adrenal), detoxification & inflammation support.

The Researched Nutritionals product development function includes in-house formulators, outside researchers and clinicians, ensuring the highest level of product efficacy.

Quality Focus

We go beyond industry standards and cGMP’s to ensure product efficacy & safety.

Each batch of incoming ingredients is identity tested to ensure product purity.  Detailed batch records are maintained during and after production.  Additionally, each batch of finished and bottled product is subjected to heavy metal & microbial testing, ensuring it is free of any impurities before being released from quality control.

Even though our GMO-free products call for GMO-free nutrients, each product is sent to a third-party lab for confirmation.  We take product efficacy & quality to a higher level.

Service Focus

We have designed your customer service experience to meet the same exacting expectations we have of others:

All orders received by 3:00PM Eastern/2:00PM Central/1:00 Mountain/12:00PM Pacific time will ship same day.
Our customer service team is empowered to resolve any issues without transferring you to a supervisor.

Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) Inc

2020 Winner of the NDNR Physician’s Choice Award for Excellence in Supplements & Nutraceuticals (Tie)

NFH Inc is a Canadian nutraceutical company that manufactures evidence-based products exclusively for health-care professionals with a commitment to the highest standards of excellence in quality assurance and good manufacturing practices (GMP). NFH’s nutraceuticals are selected through a process of careful screening, guided by two advisory panels of world-class researchers constituting the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) and primary-care physicians forming the Medical Consultancy Group (MCG). NFH’s “Tripod of Excellence” policy ensures research-based, content guarantee, and contaminant-free products with every lot number. NFH products lead the natural health product industry by exceeding the strict GMP standards established by Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) regulations and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). NFH relies on respect of the individual, respect of scientific ethics, innovation, open-mindedness, enthusiasm and community involvement, that is applied in each of its actions. NFH engages at various levels in supporting students, especially by sponsoring evidence-based residencies, uniquely positioned to place new naturopathic medicine graduates within successful, thriving, and cutting-edge naturopathic medical clinics, enabling a dynamic learning experience under the mentorship of leaders in the field.


Paving the path to optimal health with evidence-based nutrition and professional education


Commitment to peer-to-peer education based on industry leading research through the development and clinical application of evidence-based nutritional supplements and engaging the expertise of our key opinion leaders (SAP) and (MCG).

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