Book Review: Love Your Body- Your Path to Transformation, Health and Healing

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Stacie Deyglio, ND  

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.27.08 PMDr. Taylor’s first book, Love Your Body: Your Path to Transformation, Health and Healing provides an integrative overview of the multiple systems that support wellness within the body, mind, and spiritual dimensions. The book starts off by evaluating the physical systems within the body that maintain and contribute to optimal health, “While everyone’s body functions with a similar operating system, each of us also has unique biochemical needs and an individual set of genetic predispositions. When we understand our own strengths and weaknesses more clearly, they can guide our focus.” (pg.26).

The book then maneuvers the reader to look deeper at the framework in which health and healing take place. This multi layered approach supplies the different tools and practices a patient may consider using during their healing journey “optimal health is not simply the absence of disease symptoms. Rather it is a sense of being energetic, vital and intentional about certain practices that result in ideal organ function and synergy, which create an enjoyable physical experience.” (pg.13)

Chapter 1 contains a discussion on the models of health and healing. This chapter is designed to develop an understanding of the allopathic model of medicine. Chapter 2 concentrates on the foundation for health. This includes separate mini chapters devoted to the understanding of nutrition, blood sugar stability and the adrenal system, immune system, digestive system, structural system (skeletal) and toxicity. The mini chapters are developed to include individual case histories that correlate to the focus of the subject at hand. Chapter 3 explains Dr. Taylor’s Love Your Body program which is a 21 day detox healing workshop that has been designed and updated over the past 32 years of Dr. Taylor’s practice, “The Love Your Body program is not a one size-fits-all experience. It is important that each person be evaluated individually and have their detoxification regimen tailored to their specific biochemistry. The basics of the program are, however, the same. Using seasonally available organic vegetables with small amounts of fruits, and occasionally small amounts of non-gluten grains, we combine medical protein foods that are designed to alkalize the body and detox certain organs, restoring them to their optimal function.” (pg.71). Chapter 4 focuses on the foundation of healing. This is the mind, body, soul chapter that is differentiated with mini chapters to explore the effects of intention, expectation, emotions, the mind, beliefs and identities, energy patterns, trust, forgiveness & compassion and how to embrace death. Each mini chapter is sprinkled with healing visualizations that are offered to the reader as a way to apply the content of the chapter.

It is important to note that both doctors and patients alike bring into the healing relationship predetermined and unconscious opinions & expectations for how health and healing should function as well as what their undefined roles in the process should be. This book intentionally provides the reader with distinctive questions about their individual healing process and the kind of relationships they would like to experience with their health care provider(s).

  • Title: Love Your Body: Your Path to Transformation, Health and Healing
  • Author: Barry Taylor, ND
  • Publisher: New England Family Health Center
  • Available from:
  • Pages: 136
  • Style: Soft Cover
  • Copyright: 2013
  • MSRP: $21.95

deyglioStacie Deyglio, ND graduated from the University of Bridgeport, College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003. Resonating deeply with the philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine, she focuses on naturopathic medical ther-apeutics for the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Currently residing in New York, Dr Deyglio is an avid bookworm and writer.



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